Debatables Debrief

Dang! That Willy Wonka debate went really well — even if exactly zero people supported my argument.

They sure didn’t buy it Johnny. They sure didn’t.

But hey, these things happen. As a writer, I am used to terrible, terrible rejection. So please be aware that I am not crying. Not at all. I just have a little something in my eye.

Sheesh. Thanks for rubbing it in, Gene.

Okay, enough tomfoolery. Please join me in thanking the wonderful (and persuasive!) Cricket Muse, for being my sparring partner.

I also want to thank all of the wonderful people who chimed in on the debate. A few of your comments were so convincing, I felt my pro-Depp resolve wavering just a wee little bit.

So, WOW!

If you liked the debate and want to see more, I bear good news. Debatables will be a monthly feature. Cricket and I are planning another throwdown for August that will be hosted on Cricket’s blog. So keep your eyes peeled — especially if you feel compelled to humble me even more than you already have.

Oh, and one more thing. I recently found this hilarious (and educational!) Wonka video on YouTube, which, offers up a theory as to why Wilder’s Wonka wanted to give away his factory to some random kid. Give it a look-see! You’ll be glad you did.



Rebloggy Friday Part 7: Rough Wighting

There are so many awesome blogs out there… So I thought I’d plug some of my favorites!

I’ve been a huge fan of Pam Wight’s autobiographical stories for years now. (Do try to convince her to write a memoir, won’t you?) But when I saw her ode to the nerd, I just knew I had to feature her on Rebloggy Friday.

I’ve never been described as a nerd (I’m more of a square), but I am most certainly a lover of nerds. This, I think, is best exemplified by my soon-to-be-16-year, hap-hap-happy marriage to Ellen, the most wonderful nerd girl I have ever met or could ever hope to know.

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