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What happens when a pirate, hoping for a parrot, stumbles upon a bird of a duller plumage?

Pirate doesn’t know that Penguin is a penguin. But any bird can sit on a shoulder and squawk “shiver me timbers”…right?

Laugh along with Pirate and Penguin in this high seas tale of mistaken identity and find out whether they’ll find friendship before somebody walks the plank.

“A pirate searching for a parrot and a clumsy penguin collide in this lively tale about friendship…. Inventive pirate speak and bright colors compliment this whimsical story.” —  Foreword Reviews

“An amusing romp that will have landlubbers and scurvy sea dogs alike giggling.” Kirkus Reviews

Page Street Kids, May 30, 2023; Preorder it now!


The rainforest roars with squeaks and squawks and a rumpus of animal noises. Can any creature get a moment of rest and calm amidst this horrible hubbub? Not until…the blurbly blowing of bubbles, the fwippa fwip of flickering ears, and the shookita shimmy of a shaking booty bottom announce the arrival of the largest, friendliest rodent around who calls for something new: cuddles!

But, the animals wonder, can cuddles de-harden a shell? Don’t they look weird? Will that closeness feel uncomfortable? Capy has gentle answers to all these questions, helping every cuddler feel safe and happy. Because when others feel happy, the capy feels happy too. And when capy is happy, she floofs!

“High-fives for a title you’ll want to embrace.” —  Kirkus Reviews

Page Street Kids, 2022; Buy it!


“In this garden adventure with a surprising scientific twist, a mouse, Scampers, uses the powers of observation, investigation, and methodical research skills to save hungry mice from a fierce owl standing guard over the fruits and vegetables. It’s an entertaining read aloud with detailed artwork and fun nature facts. Students and teachers of all ages will enjoy this introduction to science and engineering practices, complete with STEM activities and literary connections for extended fun in the classroom or backyard.” — Foreword Reviews

“A buoyant tale of scientific enquiry fueled by a proper mix of curiosity and courage.”— Kirkus Reviews

Dawn Publications, 2019; Buy it!


Anyone who says, “You can’t please everybody,” isn’t trying hard enough. A “good” book may have a spaceman or a ninja or a cowboy, but Everybody’s Favorite Book has something better: a Space Ninja Cow. And that’s only the beginning. You like princesses? We got ‘em. Prefer a mystery? No sweat. Want the definition of “gallimaufry”? A good poop joke? A giant, carnivorous guinea pig? Check, check and check. And there’s more! Much more! This book has everything, for everybody! Here’s hoping things don’t go awry. (Spoiler: They do.)

“Silliness abounds as the energy level on each increasingly crowded page ramps up… cheerfully chaotic.” ―Kirkus Reviews

Macmillan, 2018; Buy it!


During the nineteenth century, Sarah Josepha Hale dedicated her life to making Thanksgiving a national holiday, all while raising a family and becoming a groundbreaking writer and women’s magazine editor. Sarah Hale’s inspiring story, accompanied by luscious watercolor illustrations, tells the tale of one woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Amusing and perfectly chosen anecdotes highlight the qualities that made Hale such a success—curiosity, thirst for knowledge and determination… Readers will look forward to more from this talented author, who has penned a perfectly paced, rousing biography.” —Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

Albert Whitman and Company, 2012; Buy it!



Kimmy Tuttle

It all began when Kimmie Tuttle lost her allowance…

In this serialized six-book series, the brilliant (and ill-tempered) Kimmie Tuttle, and her loyal (and weird) best friend, Myron, use their inventing skills to make the world a better place.

They also want to get rich.

Their hard work doesn’t always lead to fame and fortune, but it often attracts the attention of otherworldly threats.

Abdo, 2021; Buy it!

Prince Not-So Charming Book 1: Once Upon a Prank

Prince Carlos Charles Charming is the youngest in a long line of Prince Charmings. But he’d much rather grow up to be a court jester. He dreams of juggling fire while riding a unicycle instead of fulfilling his princely duty. (And the word “duty” always make him think of a poop joke.)

But when a dragon is spotted in the Somewhat Enchanted Forest, Carlos is going to have to figure out how to be a true Prince Charming fast. Because it’s a slay-or-get-slayed world out there.

Macmillan, 2018; Buy it!

Prince Not-So Charming Book 2: Her Royal Slyness

The youngest in a long line of Prince Charmings, Carlos is juggling a lot. That is, he is spending his time juggling balls in the air―instead of doing his princely duties. But now he has a terrifying mission: There’s a princess trapped in a tower―the Tallest Tower, on Witch Island, surrounded by Witch Lake. You don’t need me to tell you how scary that sounds.

But Carlos soon discovers that rescuing a damsel in distress requires a damsel who’s in distress. This princess doesn’t need to be rescued―and definitely doesn’t need a prince charming.

Macmillan, 2018; Buy it!

Prince Not-So-Charming Book 3: The Dork Knight

Against his better judgment Carlos has to learn how to joust—and is surprisingly good at it! He can spear haystacks, smash watermelons and lance the pimento out of an olive. When a jousting tournament rolls around, however, suddenly Carlos realizes he has to actually point his lance at other people―and they’ll be pointing their lances back at him!

Macmillian, 2018; Buy it!

Prince Not-So-Charming Book 4: Happily Ever Laughter

Prince Carlos Charles Charming isn’t the princeliest of princes. But he might be the funniest. Unfortunately, being hilarious won’t help much at a birthday party thrown by an evil queen with no sense of humor. And if Carlos, his pet dragon, and his friend Pinky don’t bring the right presents and fail to dance perfectly, the evil queen might declare war.

Macmillian, 2018; Buy it!

Prince Not-So Charming Book 5: Toad You So

A mixed-up wizard transforms Carlos into a toad who eats bugs and croaks instead of speaks. Unfortunately, the wizard doesn’t have a spell for reversing it. Even more unfortunately, “Toad Surprise” is on the menu for today’s lunch at Fancy Castle.

Macmillian, 2019; Buy it!

Prince Not-So Charming Book 6: Wild Wild Quest

The ultimate prince, Gilbert the Gallant, has gone missing! Carlos, his friend Pinky, and his pet dragon Smudge are assigned to rescue him. But how can Carlos hope to rescue Gilbert when the oh-so-perfect Gilbert couldn’t even rescue himself?

Macmillian, 2019; Buy it!

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