Scampers Thinks Like A Scientist

Dawn Publications/Sourcebooks, 2019

Scampers is no ordinary mouse. She’s curious. She asks questions. And she experiments. In short, she thinks like a scientist! Her friend Nibbles reluctantly joins her as they set out to discover the truth about the owl in the garden.

Children will enjoy the jaunty dialogue and whimsical illustrations, and along the way they’ll learn how think like a scientist, too!

“In this garden adventure with a surprising scientific twist, a mouse, Scampers, uses the powers of observation, investigation, and methodical research skills to save hungry mice from a fierce owl standing guard over the fruits and vegetables. It’s an entertaining read aloud with detailed artwork and fun nature facts. Students and teachers of all ages will enjoy this introduction to science and engineering practices, complete with STEM activities and literary connections for extended fun in the classroom or backyard.” — Foreword Reviews

“A buoyant tale of scientific enquiry fueled by a proper mix of curiosity and courage.”— Kirkus Reviews


Winner: Learning Magazine’s Teacher’s Choice Award, Excellence in Children’s Books (2020)

Official Selection for Literati Kids subscription box (2021)

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