Happy Thanksgiving! Buy My Book!

It’s Thanksgiving week, and I think I’ve been pretty good about keeping my shameless promotional urges in check.

But, hey, I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend a lovely gift for all of your friends and extended family.

You're not just bringing corn casserole, are you?
You’re not just bringing corn casserole, are you?

Not only is the book a fine gift, it also keeps an aging writer off the streets.

It also has gotten some great reviews. (In fact, I will probably blather on about that Kirkus star until my dying day. Allow me to apologize in advance for this.)

Wanna buy it? Good for you! Click here.

Have a joyous Thanksgiving, my friends! 

Win My Book! Woo!

November 28th is just around the corner! That means I gotta get out there and plug my book!

This is it!
This is it!

SARAH GIVES THANKS is a picture book biography about Sarah Josepha Hale, the celebrated magazine editress who, in the mid-19th century, led a grassroots movement to turn Thanksgiving into a national holiday. You can learn a bit more about my book and read the reviews here.

Wanna win a free copy? You DO? Awesome!

But you’re in the wrong place.

Head on over to Vanessa Chapman’s blog. She interviewed me last week (and, as you’ll see, took a few liberties with Photoshop). Leave a comment on or before November 6, and you will be entered in a random drawing to win your very own copy of SARAH!

Can I hear a WOO?

By the way, while there, you might want to follow Vanessa’s blog. Vanessa is one of the best bloggers I know.


She's the boss.

Oh, and if you’re one of those people who never wins any contests, you can always just buy a copy of SARAH GIVES THANKS. By doing so, you can put some loose change into a writer’s pocket. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing to do?

Answer: Yes, yes it would.

Here. Have A Book Excerpt.

Don’t worry; things improve.

The turkey was fresh from the oven. Sarah Josepha Hale asked her five children to join hands in thanksgiving.

The baby grabbed on to Sarah’s finger, but the other four hesitated. Sarah understood. They had just returned from their father’s grave and were not in a thankful mood.

So she bowed her head alone.

“Dear Lord, we are thankful for having known him,” she began. “We are thankful for his love. And we are thankful for the love we have for each other.”

As Sarah spoke, her children fumbled for each other’s hands. As one, they thanked God for their good fortune.

After she said “Amen,” Sarah sent out one last silent prayer: “Please, God, help me find a way to support my family.”

 from Sarah Gives Thanks, Albert Whitman & Co., 2012