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Giveaway Winner! (And A Quick, Unrelated Anecdote)

First the giveaway!

The winner gets this!
The winner gets this!

Last week I interviewed the lovely and talented Robin Newman, author of the new picture book, Hildie Bitterpickles Needs her Sleep.

Because Robin is as generous as she is lovely and talented, she offered up a copy of Hildie for a giveaway! Wasn’t that nice?

Well, the ballots are in and the winner is…


Congrats, Nancy! Head on up to the “Hire Me!” menu and drop me an email.

And thanks again, Robin, for being lovely, talented, and generous!


Since this post is a bit short, I decided to also offer up a quick, unrelated anecdote:

When my wife, Ellen, was pregnant with our son, she and I signed up for a birthing class at a nearby hospital. There we met another pregnant woman who loved to share very long and uncomfortably personal stories about her life.

As she relayed these stories, her husband would sit beside her and attempt to become invisible. The couple made quite an impression on me.

So, during class, I sketched them as frogs.

The birthing class was for five weeks. This is the extent of my notes.
The birthing class was for five weeks. This was the extent of my notes.