Debatables: Frith Fails!

It’s official: despite Michael Frith achieving a kind of Muppety perfection in The Perils of Penelope, the Debatables commenters decided that Barbara McClintock is more deserving of the coveted Caldecott Medal.

Normally, I’d deliver a “FOR SHAME!” to those who voted against my pick, but I can’t muster it, because McClintock is very much deserving of the honor.


On a sort-of related note… illustrators are awesome, aren’t they?

Below are three of my all-time favorites:

Elizabeth Zechel!


Claire Almon!


And David Gardner!

I’m sure you have a few favorites, too.

So do me a favor. If you see some picture books that make you say “Yowza!”, don’t sit by passively and hope the illustrators will get Caldecotts.

Seek them out. Give them your love. Let them know that their artistic efforts left an impression.

Because, let’s face it, a great illustrator deserves all the kudos he or she can handle.