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Second Helpings

The other day, I called my publisher’s customer service line to request extra copies of Sarah Gives Thanks. I’m planning to visit a few libraries in November and I wanted to sell books after the readings.

The woman I spoke to was named Kiki and, upon hearing her name, I became very happy. Prior to this conversation, the only Kiki I had ever heard of was a character on the show The Fresh Beat Band. Fresh Beat Kiki dresses in pink and plays the guitar. Her catchphrase is “Kickin’!”

Doesn’t she look like the kind of person who might say “Kickin’?”

I am not a fan of The Fresh Beat Band, but I have earned many Karma points by watching the show with my son. And now, as I chatted on the phone to the other Kiki, I was enjoying the glow of recognition. “I have now met an actual Kiki,” I thought. “Kiki is a real name.”

Personal amusement aside, I still had work to do. So I told Kiki I would need about 50 books.

“Oh, well,” Kiki began. “I have good news and bad news.”

“I’ll take the bad news first, Kiki,” I said. Even when faced with bad news, I couldn’t stop saying Kiki. Try it. Kiki.

“The bad news is we only have 16 copies in the warehouse,” Kiki said.

“Oh, I don’t need them now. When will you restock?”

“Probably December.”

Considering that Sarah Gives Thanks is a Thanksgiving book, and that Thanksgiving is a November holiday, this did strike me as curious. Just as I was about to bring this tidbit to her attention, Kiki continued.

“You see,” she said, “the book is going into its second printing.”

“Wait, what?” I asked.

Sarah Gives Thanks is in its second printing.” Kiki said. “That’s the good news.”

“Kickin’!” I said.

Kiki didn’t know how to respond to that.

I once saw The Fresh Beat Band in concert. Jealous?

Sarah Gives Thanks is still available, mind you. It can be ordered online or through bookstores. The distributors have plenty on hand. You can easily get copy if you want one.

But the publisher is sold out!  And the publisher is gonna print more!

I attribute this good news to you guys. Since I came onto the blogging scene late last year, I’ve made many wonderful online pals. I have also been interviewed by six very supportive and generous people:

Susan Rocan
Roxie Hanna
Max Opray
Julie Hedlund
Lauri Meyers
And David Gardner (Sarah’s amazing illustrator)

All of these folks, by the way, have excellent blogs. Do check them out.

Another person of note is the great Stacy Jensen, who selected Sarah for her Perfect Picture Book Friday, and, ever since, has been all over the internet singing the book’s praises. Stacy also has an incredible blog; you should check hers out, too.

To the folks above, and to all of you who bought a book, I just want to say how very, very grateful I am.

Kiki’s news (and name) may have made my day, but you guys have made my year.