I’ve just gotten advanced reader copies of my new picture book, Everybody’s Favorite Book!


The hardcover will be out in stores on October 30. Here’s a peek.

I predict that it’s gonna be a smash hit because this book something that no other picture book has: everything for everybody.

Some people say you can’t please everybody; those people are quitters. Everybody’s Favorite Book is everybody’s favorite book for a reason. It’s a book that contains everything you love about other books…and more! Why settle for a hero who is a spaceman or a ninja or a cowboy when you can have a Space Ninja Cow! See? Better! And that’s not all! You like villians? My villain is the most villainous villain ever. Prefer pretty princesses? This book has the prettiest, most princessy princess you’ve ever seen! How about spies? Animals? Wizards? Zombies? Check, check, check, and check! Need a poop joke? A vocabulary boost? A time-waster for your little brother? No problemo.

See? Everybody’s Favorite Book goes the extra mile to be everything for everybody! What could possibly go wrong? Nothing! Or maybe everything. I’m not sure. I don’t remember how the book ends.

But I do know what you’re thinking: “Can I pre-order this?”

And the answer is yes. Yes, you can. In fact, you should. Click HERE.

And if you do pre-order it, I’ll be your bestest friend forever. That means someday I might help you move a couch. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.