Shameful Self-Promotion (AND FREEBIES!)

Like many writers, I’ve never been entirely comfortable with the self-promotional end of the biz. I just have a hard time repeatedly and relentlessly saying:


If left to my own devices, I would just write and doodle and do laundry.

But sometimes a writer has to do these things.


So look at me, okay? I have books. And, well, you should very much consider buying them. That is, if you want to. 

My picture book, Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist, has won a few awards, most recently the top prize from Learning Magazine’s 2020 Teachers Choice Awards. So that’s cool.

It was also a finalist for the 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, received a 2019 Purple Dragonfly Book Award (STEM category), and got a 2019 Creative Child Magazine’s Preferred Choice Award. So that’s cool, too!

My other picture book, Everybody’s Favorite Book, didn’t win anything, but that’s because the world is jealous of its super-awesomeishness. After all, EFB is the only book on Earth that features a mastodon-sized guinea pig.


So both books are worth buying.


If you already did buy these books, thank you! But, um, could you also please write up a review on Amazon? Because that would help out this writer/doodler/laundry master a heckuva lot.

Now, as most readers of this blog know, I don’t usually ask anything of you unless I’m also willing to give something in return. So…


If you buy, review, and/or otherwise do something groovy and helpful on behalf of Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist and/or Everybody’s Favorite Book, I will mail you

An Official Yer Awesome Promo Par-T Pak!

Each Par-T Pak will include:

  1. An Official Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist Bookmark (while supplies last)
  2. An Official Everybody’s Favorite Book Bookmark (while supplies last)
  3. And An Official Mike Allegra Three-Minute Doodle

What is a Mike Allegra Three-Minute Doodle? Well, I take three minutes to doodle something of my own choosing. Then I send that doodle to you!

Will this doodle be suitable for framing? Sure, if you don’t discriminate much when it comes to framing things. The point is, it’ll be yours.

I drew the above frog in two minutes—so your doodle would be about 50% percent better than this. (I originally thought it would be only 33% better than this, but my math teacher spouse set me straight. This is why I draw silly pictures instead of handling the household finances.)
And here are the bookmarks! Aren’t they nice? They have stuff written on the other sides, too!

How to claim your Official Yer Awesome Promo Par-T Pak

Just leave a comment below telling me what you’ve done to support Everybody’s Favorite Book and/or Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist!

That’s it! I’ll be in touch!

Thank you in advance for whatever you’re willing to do to generate some interest in my humble picture books! I am very grateful.

I look forward to sending some freebies to YOU! 

49 Replies to “Shameful Self-Promotion (AND FREEBIES!)”

  1. Well, I’ve already bought 5? of your books? Or is it 6 now? I think I’ve already done a review on Amazon but I’ll double check that fer ya.

    If I can figure this out, I’ll link it to my page and SPREAD the word!!!

    You are an awesome author, Waffle Man, and an even better hooman.

  2. As self-promotion goes I recommend setting up your Goodreads author page (I checked-you weren’t there, Mike). If this Cricket can venture out from her hermitage, I know the gregarious Allegra can sound out his promotional song more grandly. And yes, I have gladly reviewed your books, even coerced umm, asked our librarian to order your books. Yay, Mike! P.S. I’m not even requesting a bookmark for my efforts. Although doodles are always appreciated.

  3. People – please review and join the par-tay!

    Also – Twitter. Even if you think you can’t…Twitter is where it is at for book promo. Doesn’t Scampers deserve it? She’s sooooo deserving.

      1. I only follow kidlit accounts – it’s all rainbows and sunshine. And capybaras.

  4. Your books are wonderful, Mike. I love the illustrations. And congrats on all the awards! My grandson has both Prince Not So Charming books on his shelf just waiting for him to get a touch older. Great fun. 🙂

      1. Oh, and it’s a lovely review! Thank you! Now all ya gotta do is head over to the “Hire Me” menu and send me an email with your address and I’ll be gettin’ that Par-T Pak out to you!

  5. Wow, you do laundry? I’m impressed. I, too, would’ve thought 33%, but I guess my math teacher husband would set me straight. Way to go doing the hard part of trying to promote yourself. I’m also awful at it, but, unlike me, you’re actually doing it!

  6. Self-promotion is hard. I think you’d be good at networking with schools, libraries to do readings and signings. Kids love you! Agree you should sign up for Good Reads. I plan to review your book at some point, but I have a stack of PBs to tackle first. Scampers looks like a cute story.

  7. Hmmm, how many books of yours do I own??? Gonna have to comb through the bookshelves because I don’t seem to store them in any kind of order… many have I reviewed on my blog??? Two or three? ….how many have I reviewed on Amazon??? um, not sure…but I know I have. Self-promotion is the least favorite part of the job, isn’t it? And no one ever warned you just how much you’d be expected to do….Cheers!

      1. The high price for Sarah is because it is out of print 😦

        And five Allegra books is an impressive number! I have written 10 books—if you count Blood on the Floor (which I rarely do).

      2. ooooh, I want to read Blood on the Floor! I’m sorry that Sarah is OP. I did my best to convince your publisher that it needed to go paperback, but they figured out that I wasn’t some random person asking, sadly.

  8. Not to brag, but I notice that I was the FIRST to write a review on Everybody’s Favorite Book. And I bought TWO Scampers book when they were first published, but realized as I read your post that I never reviewed it, so that is just accomplished. Many congrats, by the way, on the Book Awards. That is (as they say here – continuously – in Boston) AWESOME.

    1. Thank you, my friend for the wonderful review! All you gotta do now is head over to the “Hire Me!” menu item and send me an email with your mailing address. Then the Par-T Pak is as good as yours!

  9. Just received my Scampers book. Loved it, and made sure that all the folks at Amazon knew how much I loved it! Ned Flanders says “Diddly Doodle please send me a Doodle”!

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