Book News, Doodles 'n' Drawings


Meet Corky. Suitable for framing.

My first Sarah Gives Thanks public appearance is on October 28 at 2 pm at Well Read, a charming, independent bookstore in Hawthorne, New Jersey.

I figured it wouldn’t be much work; I’d talk a little about Sarah Hale and Thanksgiving and then I’d read the book and sign copies.

But, Bill, the owner of the place, wanted more.

“You have a craft?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, a what?”

“It’s easier to get kids in the store when you also offer a craft.” Then he added – I assume to be helpful – “You know, something crafty.”


Now, I am not a crafter. My skills don’t go very far beyond writing and doodling. But, lately, I also find myself becoming more and more skilled in the art of lying. So I assured Bill that I did have a craft. “A good one,” I said with a confident nod.

And then I floundered around for the next couple of weeks trying to think of something.

What I came up with was this guy at the top of my post. Meet Corky the Turkey. He needs your crayon skills. Coloring is the first part of the craft.

You may have noticed that Corky does not have any tail feathers. Well, fear not. I cut a bunch of tail feathers out of orange and yellow construction paper. Each child takes a handful of these feathers and writes something that he or she is thankful for on each one. Then the feathers are glued onto Corky’s butt. And that’s the second part of the craft.

Now Corky can shake a tail feather.

Ta Daaa! Just call me crafty.

I know, I know. It is a far, far cry from what can be found at the incredible pillows a-la-mode and mywithershins. But it certainly beats tracing your hand and sticking a beak on the thumb.

So, onward!


On another note, The BCCBA Acronym Contest is almost over! Don’t forget to submit your entry by October 31 for a chance to win a free, signed copy of Sarah Gives Thanks!