Boycott BCCBA’s Acronym! Win My Book!

And Madonna’s ego lived happily ever after.

Two weeks ago I began what I was confident would become a nationwide movement: The Boycott Celebrity Children’s Book Association (BCCBA).

While I am delighted to report that many of the regular commenters on this blog are now active members of this fine organization, the “nationwide movement” thing still eludes me.

Fortunately, the always charming Vanessa “Candy” Chapman came up with a possible reason for this: the Association’s acronym sounds more like an answer key to a multiple-choice quiz than the name of a powerful social movement.

Vanessa’s idea was wise.

Then Vanessa suggested the acronym, CRAP – and, well, that didn’t quite do it for me. Even when the equally charming Anne Woodman seconded the CRAP idea by suggesting it could stand for “Celebrity Resistance and Avoidance Project,” I was unmoved.

You see, the problem I have with CRAP, or any negative-sounding acronym, is that it sends a mixed message:

Support CRAP!

See what I mean? The reason why I started BCCBA was so people would STOP supporting crap.

But, hey, acronyms are tricky.

They are so tricky, in fact, that a really good one might be worth…wait for it… a free copy of my book, Sarah Gives Thanks!

“Wait,” you might be saying, “is that the book that’s so popular it’s going into its second printing?”


Don’t delay! Suggest a new, snappy acronym in the comments section. The best one (as determined by a panel of judges) will receive a signed, first edition of Sarah Gives Thanks!

But wait there’s more! The winner will also be offered the co-presidency of the soon-to-be-renamed BCCBA! (That executive title, by the way, is suitable for any resume.)

The contest will be closed on October 31. So put your thinking caps on! Enter early and often! Spread the word!

Good luck!

43 Replies to “Boycott BCCBA’s Acronym! Win My Book!”

  1. How did I miss that post? Count me in. When my daughter was little, we stayed with the classics. I didn’t understand what made a celebrity a better teller of stories to my child than those who actually devote their creative energies to just that. I’m not much good with acronyms…but I’ve been trying other new things lately, so I’ll give this a go, too! xoM

  2. Support “AUTHORS”: Authentic Undermined Talented Hopefuls Over Rapacious Stars.
    I spent 15 minutes on this with a migraine and five kick boxing off spring having a royal rumble because I support your cause and I want that autographed book!

      1. CHUPACABARAS is my word of the moment. I was fixated on using it, so the acronym’s a bit lame. Here it is – CHUPACABARAS:


        My Mexican coworker and I teasingly call each other Chupacabaras. It’s part of Mexican folklore. Here’s what it means:

        I love FAWTs btw! Hehehehehe! And I’m impressed how quickly Mme. Weebles came up with HACKS!

      1. Here’s my first three attempts!

        CREATE – Celebrity Rubbish Evade Acquire True Excellence
        ACT WISE – Avoid Celebrity Trash Writers Inspire Support Excellence
        ACT NOWW – Avoid Celebrity Trash Nurture Only Writers Writing

        And I’m joining whatever it’s called! H x
        PS Thanks, this was really fun…so I might be back with more…:-)

  3. As one of the people who was lucky enough to already win a copy of your book, I am SO DOWN with your boycott. I like BCCBA, it sounds very official. But I also liked CRAP. How about HACKS (Humans Against Celebrity Kid Stories)?

  4. I can’t find a way to make it derogatory and use it with “Please support…” So I’m going with the “Join me in the fight against FAWTs”


    A FAWT is of course what happens when a pretentious person passes gas.

    1. This is awesome! The graphics for the membership cards would be hilarious- I think the FAWT lettering should be in a greenish, yellowish brown.

  5. Shoot! I can never do things like this. I swear, I have a cheat sheet on my desk of what all these silly things mean so I can figure out what peaple are even talking about. Someone figure out words to make “TALENT” work for me.

    Support Talent

    I like it,… but I can’t figure out what to make “TALENT” spell out. Help!

    Uber congrats on the second printing too. So stinking excited for you I can’t stand it!

  6. Haha, the incorporation of Candy in my name made me laugh! I understand that you don’t want to say ‘Support CRAP’ but you could say ‘Support the campaign against CRAP’, or ‘Stop CRAP’. CRAP could stand for Celeb Riters Are Poopy – the misspelling of Writers/Riters is a subtle joke about their writing ability. And ‘Poopy’ is a childlike word because we’re talking about children’s books. Do you see?

    1. I asked about “Candy” on your blog because I knew I was going to create the hotlink on this one.

      Now this CRAP I like! I suppose it’s OK to use a negative-sounding acronym if the words the acronym represents are negative as well. Lauri’s FAWT (above) does something similar.

      And I am a sucker for a good poop joke. Well done!

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