Doodles 'n' Drawings

Here Ya Go. The Winning Doodle!

10. ta daaLast week, the lovely and talented Jo Robinson was the winner of The Official Semi-Annual Mike Allegra Win a Doodle Contest. Her prize was a custom made doodle of anything she wanted!

What she wanted was a flock of birds:

“Can you do a doodle of my birds, please? I have four of them — two nanday conures (a male called Beep Beep and a female called Beany), and two masked weaver bird boys called Jelly and Button. I call them my feathered horde… They fell out of their nests up in Zimbabwe (lived there for 18 years until we had to leave a couple of years ago) and have been my babies ever since.”

Well, Jo, your wish is my command:

Pictured from left:
Pictured from left: Beany, Beep Beep, Button, and Jelly (I assume).

But that’s not all! Jo also won a Mike Allegra-penned story featuring five words of her choice. Those words are:


So far I’m stumped, but I’m sure I’ll come up with a story by next week. Stay tuned.

Doodles 'n' Drawings

And The Doodle Winner Is…

Feelin' the love.
Feelin’ the love.

Holy cow!

I had no idea the Allegra Doodling Market was so strong. Last week’s contest was my most popular blog post ever!

I am flattered and I thank you.

Unfortunately, there can only be one doodle winner. So let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

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