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Spooky Piggy

Scary Piggy
I have, once again, decided to take part in one of Susanna Leonard Hill’s story contests. In other words, I am a glutton for punishment.

I kid, I kid. I always appreciate a challenge. 

Here are the rules: The story cannot be more than 100 words. It has to be Halloween themed. And it must contain the words “black cat,” “spooky” and “cackle.”

Below is my (very) humble submission. Enjoy!



“Boo!” Cuddles shouted. “Boooo! Did I scare you? Am I scary?”

“No,” Claude said, his eyes shut tight.

“Spooky, then? Wooooo! Boooo! Boo woo!”

“Guinea pigs are not scary.”

“Yes we are! Maybe not black cat scary like you, but we are.”

“I am not scary, just sleepy. And you are just noisy. Go.”

With a sad sigh, Cuddles went. Claude closed his eyes.

But then he heard something.

A terrible something.


Claude scurried under the daybed.

“Now, that’s scary,” Cuddles said, leaning against the faucet.

She then let out a squeaky little cackle.

My beloved pig was never spooky. She was, however, crafty, ornery, mischievous and a cute fuzzy little bugger.
My pig, Pig. Not spooky, just adorable.