it's the great pumpkin charlie brown 18 - I got a rock #1

I have never liked Halloween. Even as a kid, I found the act of going door to door begging for candy to be unseemly.

I disliked the itchy discomfort of the costume. I disliked being stared at. (When you wear a costume, you are, pretty much, giving people permission to stare.) I disliked running all over the neighborhood like a dodo when, at home, a perfectly good TV was going unwatched.

And, at the end of the evening, all I had to show for my efforts was a sack full of itty bitty candy bars that I would’ve never picked out for myself at a store. (Seriously, is Krackle anyone’s favorite candy bar? Answer: No.)

Long story short, I gave up on Halloween as soon as it was socially acceptable. The ominous power of peer pressure kept me going until the fourth grade (and, yes, I’m still holding that grudge, Carl Johnson).

But Halloween isn’t all bad. It is also when Susanna Leonard Hill’s kicks off her Halloweensie Contest!

Now that’s a Halloween tradition I can get behind. Woo!

Here are the rules: Entrants have to write a Halloween-themed story no longer than 100 words. (In Halloween parlance that means the story is “Fun Size.”) This story also must contain the words “broomstick,” “creak,” and “pumpkin.”

So here is my humble submission. Enjoy!



“Nibbles,” sighed Chester Cat. “You’re supposed to carve a pumpkin.”

“They’re too big,” the guinea pig replied. “So I am carving a Halloween-o Jalapeño. Scary, huh? Does it make you want to run away?”

“No,” Chester sniffed. “That wouldn’t make anyone run away.”

They heard the creak of floorboards and the clatter of the broomstick Buster used for fetch.

“I bet it’ll make Buster run.”

“No way.”

“Let’s see,” Nibbles challenged. Then he shouted. “BUSTER! SNAAACK!”

Buster galloped in. He gobbled the jalapeño.

His eyes sprang open.

Yelping, he dashed to his water dish.

“Told you he’d run,” Nibbles giggled.


Spooky Piggy

Scary Piggy
I have, once again, decided to take part in one of Susanna Leonard Hill’s story contests. In other words, I am a glutton for punishment.

I kid, I kid. I always appreciate a challenge. 

Here are the rules: The story cannot be more than 100 words. It has to be Halloween themed. And it must contain the words “black cat,” “spooky” and “cackle.”

Below is my (very) humble submission. Enjoy!



“Boo!” Cuddles shouted. “Boooo! Did I scare you? Am I scary?”

“No,” Claude said, his eyes shut tight.

“Spooky, then? Wooooo! Boooo! Boo woo!”

“Guinea pigs are not scary.”

“Yes we are! Maybe not black cat scary like you, but we are.”

“I am not scary, just sleepy. And you are just noisy. Go.”

With a sad sigh, Cuddles went. Claude closed his eyes.

But then he heard something.

A terrible something.


Claude scurried under the daybed.

“Now, that’s scary,” Cuddles said, leaning against the faucet.

She then let out a squeaky little cackle.

My beloved pig was never spooky. She was, however, crafty, ornery, mischievous and a cute fuzzy little bugger.
My pig, Pig. Not spooky, just adorable.