Spooky Piggy

Scary Piggy
I have, once again, decided to take part in one of Susanna Leonard Hill’s story contests. In other words, I am a glutton for punishment.

I kid, I kid. I always appreciate a challenge. 

Here are the rules: The story cannot be more than 100 words. It has to be Halloween themed. And it must contain the words “black cat,” “spooky” and “cackle.”

Below is my (very) humble submission. Enjoy!



“Boo!” Cuddles shouted. “Boooo! Did I scare you? Am I scary?”

“No,” Claude said, his eyes shut tight.

“Spooky, then? Wooooo! Boooo! Boo woo!”

“Guinea pigs are not scary.”

“Yes we are! Maybe not black cat scary like you, but we are.”

“I am not scary, just sleepy. And you are just noisy. Go.”

With a sad sigh, Cuddles went. Claude closed his eyes.

But then he heard something.

A terrible something.


Claude scurried under the daybed.

“Now, that’s scary,” Cuddles said, leaning against the faucet.

She then let out a squeaky little cackle.

My beloved pig was never spooky. She was, however, crafty, ornery, mischievous and a cute fuzzy little bugger.
My pig, Pig. Not spooky, just adorable.

117 Replies to “Spooky Piggy”

      1. No, I wasn’t going to. I’m pathetically behind (stuck might be a better way to put it) on some rewrites that I have to get done. So, I’m going to pass on this one. Good luck!

  1. Hahaha! You made me laugh, Mike! Love your take on spooky halloweensie 🙂 Excellent accompanying illustration, too! (Almost as good as a certain picture of Phyllis which will soon be unveiled :)) Thanks so much for entering my confounded contest – great job!!! 🙂

  2. Oh that is the cutest story and I must share this with poor Johnny who has almost been eaten twice by our dog – yikes!

  3. Love your illustration! Guinea pigs are totally spooky. There’s that way they sit completely still with only their lips twitching while they stare into your soul! Mwa Ha HA!!!!

  4. My son would definitely find this story–the bathwater part–terrifying. When will he voluntarily take a bath? When pigs cackle!!! hahahhhahhahahaaa

    I see you “replaced” the rat with a pig. Why can I not get the Chinese Zodiac calendar out of my head?

  5. Yep, kids AND kats don’t like mixing with scary bathwater!

    We have bathed our piggie in warm shallow water before clipping his toenails, but he still loathes his pedicures. Or being wet. Or both!

    1. Thanks, Kimberly. I would like to explore the Claude/Cuddles relationship further.

      That’s the beauty of Susanna’s contests, I think. The rules push me in interesting directions and inspire new story ideas that I can rework and develop after the contest is over.

  6. What fun, Mike! Love that the bathwater was the kicker that brought fear into the heart of the black cat.:) And love your illustration! And your guinea pig is adorable. 🙂 Happy Halloween!

  7. I have new appreciation for guinea pigs, thanks to you. Adorable Halloween story and love the illustration that accompanied it. Bath water – yes, a new take on scary. CLEVER.

    1. Thanks, Pam!

      And you, of all people should consider entering this contest. I still remember when you conjured up that fantastic capybara story way back in the day. And it took you all of 15 minutes to write, if I recall correctly.

      1. It’s buried in one of my blog’s comment sections. I wish I could rememember where. I gave Pam a few keywords — one of which was capybara — and she banged out a hilarious story in a matter of minutes. I was dazzled.

        I’m gonna have to search for it one day…

      2. “Oh no!” Billy pointed a finger at a black cat that slinked by.
        “It’s just a cat, silly,” his sister Sally said, “Here kitty kitty.”
        The black being, more like a sleek seal than a furry cat, sat in front of the brother and sister and licked its paws.
        “Cats are spooky!” Jason declared. He took three steps away from the furry feline.
        “That’s superstitious – cats are sweet and kind and cuddly,” Sally said. But when she walked up to the cat, its back arched higher than a swing, and its little teeth crunched together with a “Hisss.”
        Billy and Sally screamed as they raced away.
        The cat’s shape grew larger, sleeker, and with a wink of its whiskers, the witch stood up tall and lean, cackling as she called for her broom and flew away.

    1. Thanks so much for saying that! I’m glad you liked my story.

      Not all guinea pigs live in fear, though. My pig, while not fearless, was a tough, ornery little bugger.

      I have a particular fondness for ornery herbivores. That’s why my next animal companion is going to be a goat.

  8. Oh no you di’nt! You actually combined Halloween with a guinea pig. Oh this is just the best! Totally loved the ending. Fun, fun read!

  9. Nice one Mike, that cat’s a wuss…but makes for a funny story, and one in which the ‘pig’ wins – hooray! Cat’s are generally far too self satisfied for my liking. Hope you had a great Halloween. Happy cackles, H xxxx

  10. Wait, you have a guinea pig? I love guinea pigs. They’re so freaking cute. And so scary!

    I liked your story very much, although I have odd cats–they *like* water. They apparently didn’t get the memo that cats aren’t supposed to like water.

    1. I concur. Guinea pigs are so cute it’s scary.

      Piggy is no longer of this world, I’m afraid. She was my companion before my (also departed) rats came into the picture. That is the big downside to being pro-rodent (“prodent”); the quality of the companionship is rarely matched, but to get it, you have to sacrifice quantity.

      You know how I feel about cats — but it’s pretty dang hard not to like yours. Here’s hoping I can meet them someday (while I wear a respirator, of course).

      1. We’ll set up some sort of clean room or bubble for you so you can greet the girls. Yes, everyone I know with rodent pets says that about being prodent—the quantity of time you have with them. Why can’t all pets live as long as turtles or parrots? Not fair.

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