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And the Original, Custom Made Mike Allegra Doodle Winner Is…

for YOU

Yowza! The response to last week’s contest was incredible! Dozens and dozens of you (including a couple of honest-to-God illustrators) sent me Words of Wisdom for a chance to win one of my doodles.

I don’t understand all this Doodle Mania, but I am flattered by it.

But now it is time to get down to the business of drawing the winning name!

Unfortunately, my son thought differently. He insisted that I “practice my doodling” first.

I sighed. Then I asked him what he wanted me to doodle.

He wanted a LEGO man wearing a 1980s astronaut shirt. This LEGO man, he explained, should also sport a medieval helmet and a battle axe.

“Anything else?” I asked?

There was. He also wanted the LEGO guy to be Benny, the youngest child in The Boxcar Children.

So I “practiced my doodling.”

It's not easy being this kid's father.
It’s not easy being this kid’s father. It’s also not easy to enjoy The Boxcar Children.

Now that my son was duly bribed, he got to work.


In the months since the last contest, The Drawing Hat was given away to charity. So this drawing will mark the auspicious debut the Drawing Penguin Ice Bucket.

Beautiful, isn't it?
Beautiful, isn’t it?

So! Let’s get started.

My son mixed the ballots…

Drawing 2

And mixed them…

Drawing 3

He mixed them very well.

Drawing 4

You really have to admire his professionalism.

Drawing 5

OK. Knock it off, boy.

And the winner is…

Drawing 6

Drawing 8


Congratulations, Kid Lit! You win a personalized doodle on the subject of your choice!

All you have to do is go up to the menu item that says “Write Me a Note” and, well, write me a note.


Thanks to everyone who entered! You folks are awesome!


Doodles 'n' Drawings, On Blogging

Win a Doodle! Win a Doodle! Win a Doodle!

Who will be the lucky winner?
Who will be the lucky winner?

In March, I hosted a contest. The grand (and only) prize was an official, original, custom-made Mike Allegra doodle.

Despite my doodling ability, the number of people who entered this contest was pretty large. This surprised me.

What also surprised me was that some of you reeeeally wanted that ding-dang doodle. In fact, a few people threatened to sic their cats on me if I didn’t do another doodle contest post haste.

To these people I say settle down because here’s another chance to win a doodle!


Don’t believe me? Here’s proof:

Jenion (the winner of the March contest) wanted a drawing of a bicycle racer. So I drew her a bicycle racer.

Ta daa!
Ta daa!
But here is real proof: I am not fond of cats. (I am horribly allergic and keep rodents as pets.) But, once upon a time, Jilanne Hoffmann’s punk kid asked for a drawing of a cat. So I drew him a cat.

Then Jilanne Hoffmann’s punk kid asked for a drawing of a kitten. So I drew him a kitten.

Double sigh.
Double sigh.

Did I mention that Jilanne Hoffmann’s kid is a punk? Well, he is.

So, yes, I will doodle whatever you want.

Well there is one caveat: I will not draw whatever you want if your wanted whatever is perverted. I am a children’s book author; behave yourself!


The winning name will be drawn from a hat. The fellow drawing the name will be this guy.

The sober judge.
The sober judge.

He is fair, impartial, and looks like a 19th century bare-knuckled pugilist.


To get your name in the hat, all you need to do is leave a comment with some Words of Wisdom.

To get the ball rolling, here are some actual Words of Wisdom from my parents:

Mom: “Don’t be a candy ass.”

Dad: “The ox is slow but the Earth is patient.”

Mom’s wisdom usually came in the form of vague threats.

Dad’s wisdom usually sounded like its was written by a Confucius in need of a designated driver.

You can do better than this. I know you can. I’m counting on you.


I’ll add two more ballots to the hat if you announce this contest on your blog and link back to this page. So, yes, you can get three chances to win!

Don’t have a blog? OK, then you can get one extra ballot if you announce this contest (and link back to this page) on your Facebook page or Twitter feed.


Your Words of Wisdom are due on or before Monday, July 21.

The winner of the drawing will be announced on July 22.

The completed doodle will be posted on my blog. The original drawing (suitable for framing) will be mailed to the winner.

Also, cheaters will be stabbed.


So get going! I need all the Words of Wisdom I can get!