And the Original, Custom Made Mike Allegra Doodle Winner Is…

for YOU

Yowza! The response to last week’s contest was incredible! Dozens and dozens of you (including a couple of honest-to-God illustrators) sent me Words of Wisdom for a chance to win one of my doodles.

I don’t understand all this Doodle Mania, but I am flattered by it.

But now it is time to get down to the business of drawing the winning name!

Unfortunately, my son thought differently. He insisted that I “practice my doodling” first.

I sighed. Then I asked him what he wanted me to doodle.

He wanted a LEGO man wearing a 1980s astronaut shirt. This LEGO man, he explained, should also sport a medieval helmet and a battle axe.

“Anything else?” I asked?

There was. He also wanted the LEGO guy to be Benny, the youngest child in The Boxcar Children.

So I “practiced my doodling.”

It's not easy being this kid's father.

It’s not easy being this kid’s father. It’s also not easy to enjoy The Boxcar Children.

Now that my son was duly bribed, he got to work.


In the months since the last contest, The Drawing Hat was given away to charity. So this drawing will mark the auspicious debut the Drawing Penguin Ice Bucket.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Beautiful, isn’t it?

So! Let’s get started.

My son mixed the ballots…

Drawing 2

And mixed them…

Drawing 3

He mixed them very well.

Drawing 4

You really have to admire his professionalism.

Drawing 5

OK. Knock it off, boy.

And the winner is…

Drawing 6

Drawing 8


Congratulations, Kid Lit! You win a personalized doodle on the subject of your choice!

All you have to do is go up to the menu item that says “Write Me a Note” and, well, write me a note.


Thanks to everyone who entered! You folks are awesome!


61 thoughts on “And the Original, Custom Made Mike Allegra Doodle Winner Is…

  1. Your son is very entertaining. Please let him know how much I appreciate this. That shot of him with the mustachio is one of my favourites. His expression is priceless. OK, that is all the buttering up I am doing for the next draw. Maybe he will pick me 😉
    Congrats, Kid Lit Reviews.

  2. 1. Congratulations to the Winner!
    2. I second the difficulty of enjoying Boxcar Children
    3. Both my mom and my grandmother have a similar penguin ice buckeet. It is a Thanksgiving Day staple in my family.

    • Those Boxcar Children are just so relentlessly cheerful. For goodness sake, you’re homeless! Let’s start appreciating the gravity of your situation, OK?

      They also hardly ever “say” anything. They either “laugh” it or “cry” it.

      “I have my pink cup!” Benny cried.
      “You sure do!” Violet laughed.

  3. Such drama! Your son has your comedic sensibility. I was on the edge of my seat! And now I’ve got to show my son your Lego drawing (very George Jetson!) so he’ll be inspired to create some new Lego people. 😀

    Oh, and I love the retro look of the “drawing” room.

    Congrats to Kid Lit Reviews!

    • My boy is a ham steak, that’s for sure. 🙂

      As usual, allow me to encourage you to post more of your boy’s drawings. He, too, has quite the comic sensibility.

      And I’m glad you like the decor. That’s my kitchen. It is filled with old adverts and retro soda bottles and period furniture. I dig it.

  4. I have never seen ballots mixed so thoroughly before. Seeing that almost makes up for the loss of my fedora-wearing duck doodle.

    Almost (sniff).

    Congratulations to Kid Lit, you lucky reviewer. you!

  5. Wow! You know, I actually got all nervous and anxious and all those stomach-involved emotions when I saw this post! I was just glad Sue won ’cause it immediately enabled me to have a happy, generous reaction in the face of squalid defeat! 😉 Congrats, Sue!!!

  6. You know, in now fully reading the post (yes, I rarely skip to the END of ANYthing—especially a book!—NEVA!—but was THAT anxious about this one!), I first need to comment on the fact that every time I see pics of your son, I LOVE his t-shirts 😀 The second VERY important comment I need to make is:

    Mike, you NEED to do this WAY more than months apart. EASILY once a month (more often, says greedy me!) 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  7. Aw, shucks. The suspense was too mean! I scrolled down with baited breath. You got me, hook, line and sinker. But I didn’t catch a doodle. Sigh. So sad. But please tell me there will be another chance sometime!

  8. So, The Boxcar Children are still around! My daughter loved them. She was the only kindergartner in her school who not only knew who they were but had all of them! And the penguin bucket, Mike, takes me back to my own childhood – and that was a looonnnnggggg time ago! Your kid picked the perfect father for himself, so no grousing young man! xoxoM

    • There are about four billion volumes in The Boxcar Children series, which one might argue, is a wee bit of overkill. I won’t be too hard on the series, however, since the publisher, Albert Whitman and Co., also published my Sarah Gives Thanks.

      In fact, let’s forget this conversation ever happened.

      To your other point: Not a day goes by where I am not grateful for having the boy that I have. I love him dearly, of course, but as an added bonus, he’s good, funny and interesting. I’m not quite sure what I did to deserve him.

  9. Wadda ya mean it’s hard to enjoy The Boxcar Children. Who stole your childhood sense of adventure?

    Trivia question for Alex…What was the name of the first Boxcar Mystery that was not written by Gertrude Chandler Warner? No helping dad. By the way, Bennie is my favorite character in the series! 🙂

    And, to Kid Lit Reviews…congratulations you lucky dog, you!

  10. Scenario 1: I won! Ohgollysakes! I finally get my cow doodle!! YippeeYippeee!!

    Scenario 2: Why hasn’t Mike called me yet? I have plans–I can’t sit by the phone all day waiting. I know I’m the winner. Thinkwinner, thinkwinner, thinkwinner

    Scenario: Drat and fudge!! No cow! *hissyfit noises* What? Don’t have a cow? Of course I don’t have a cow–I lost. *grumble*

    Scenario 4: Hey–wait a go, KidLit! Have you thought about cows for your doodle? Yeah? Let’s talk…

    So, let’s go for scenario 4 and once again thanks for the suspense, drama, and the sneak peek of your kitchen. I figure the next room featured will be the garage–we’ve seen about every other room, right?

  11. Darn! Beaten by my awesome arch-nemesis! Darnedy-darn-darn DARN! Dang. 😉 When you do her picture, can you make a photo-copy of it, give it and a black Sharpie to you son, and tell him “have fun” or something of the like? And then post the result? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 😉 But, really, congrats Ms. Morris! 🙂 Also, LOVE the LEGO guy, Mr. Allegra!!!! 😀

  12. For a while there I hung on to hope, but it was for nothing….actually, not nothing. I was well entertained and got a few laughs out of your son’s (is he growing up fast or what?!) comic prowess while you (perhaps a little cruelly!) skillfully built the suspense. Congrats Kid Lit Reviews:-) H xxx

  13. You’ve got a nice boy)))
    That was probably quite a responsible and serious mission for him to mix the ballots. And he took it with much of a concentration! 😀

    And I like your doodle from ‘The Boxcar Children’! 🙂

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