The End of the Beginning is Near!

I haven’t written much on this blog ­­– or anywhere, really – as I have been spending the last couple of weeks noodling around with the WordPress tutorials. It’s been time well spent; I learned about making menus and submenus, posting photos, and discovering what a “widget” is. So while I have been lazy about posting, I haven’t been lazy in general.

I’m pleased to report that what’s included here is pretty much what I want on my Children’s Book Writer Website. (Not everything, mind you ­– that ridiculous football pic needs to be replaced with something more children’s book author-ish.  I’m also contemplating some snappier background images because “orange-ish” is not very snappy. These, however, are just details.) The written content is all there.

Look around. You’ll find my resume, a kid-friendly bio, a Q&A (because every single Children’s Book Author Website on the planet has a Q&A), a synopsis of my book, info on author visits, and a nifty little “email me” thing. I am also pleased to report that I managed to do all this with a certain degree of speed and competence.

So, woo!

The next phase is to get a more appropriate picture for the header. That’s Job One and I’m working on that. I am also on the hunt for an appropriate background image that is both copyright-free and just plain-ol’-free. I’m working on that, too.

Then there’s the title. “heylookawriterfellow” is growing on me, but it’s certainly not an easy title to remember. That being said, I can’t bear to settle for the straightforward yet boring “mikeallegra.” I just can’t.

In short, suggestions are welcome.

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