You Earned It, Sarah!

A finer tribute there never was.

My book, Sarah Gives Thanks, comes out later this year and frankly I’m giddy.

It is about Sarah Josepha Hale, the first female magazine editor in America. She was also among the first female authors in America – and the very first to condemn slavery in a novel. (Take that, Harriet Beecher Stowe!) She was a tireless and highly influential advocate for women’s education. She led large, successful fundraising drives to turn both Bunker Hill and Mount Vernon into national landmarks. She wrote “Mary Had a Little Lamb!” And, perhaps best of all (as it is the subject of my book), she is the reason why we all celebrate a four-day weekend in November.

Despite her many accomplishments, most people have never heard of Sarah Josepha Hale, which is a shame. Thank goodness there are still a few Hale geeks out there just like me who understand the importance of immortalizing this fine woman in bobblehead form. (Kudos to you, New Hampshire Historical Society!)

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