Sunday Sketches #3

Sometimes doodling can be a great way to take a break from a story without really taking a break from a story. When I’m stuck or need a little motivation, I’ll often turn away from the computer and sketch a character or a scene from the story I’m trying to tell. This helps me to keep my mind on my work while allowing me to exercise a different part of my noodle.

This little doodle was inspired by my manuscript, Rosie beneath the Clouds. Without revealing too much about the plot (as this is still a work in progress), Rosie is about a kindly guinea pig who befriends some rather unsavory characters. One such friend is a crocodile named Bob.


One Reply to “Sunday Sketches #3”

  1. Have you watched “The Secret Life of Pets” ? The Guinea Pig in there had me laughing so hard tears were running down my leg!!!

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