Rantless Raves

The reviews for Sarah Gives Thanks are in! And they’re good!

I approve.

Here’s one from School Library Journal:

“More of a biography about Sarah Josepha Hale than a holiday book, this well-researched, engaging read-aloud offers youngsters a glimpse into the lives of women and families in 19th-century America as well as to the history of how Thanksgiving became a national holiday.”

And Kirkus gave me a Starred Review!

“Amusing and perfectly chosen anecdotes highlight the qualities that made Hale such a success—curiosity, thirst for knowledge and determination… Readers will look forward to more from this talented author, who has penned a perfectly paced, rousing biography.”

I mean, woah.

To celebrate this news, I shall doodle pictures of wild animals.

Yes, yes, I know. I don’t celebrate like normal people.

On a related note, the response to last week’s Sarah Gives Thanks book giveaway was overwhelming! More than 20 people responded and the drawing is on!

Next week the winner will be announced. Good luck!

53 Replies to “Rantless Raves”

  1. Congratulations! How satisfying and wonderful!

    Don’t let it go to your head, where you start doodling things like elephants or dodos or unicorns. That would just be weird. Love the bunneh.

    If you decide to do a drawing for the animal doodles, I’ll enter. ; )

    1. Thanks, Anne!

      I’ll leave the unicorn pics to those who specialize in painting on velvet. I’m a ballpoint pen on paper kinda fellow — and suspect I always will be.

      I love your contest idea! Look for a new raffle in September!

  2. That’s fantastic, I’m so pleased for you! I think the best comment is “Readers will look forward to more from this talented author” – you can’t ask for more than that.

  3. kudos Mike! wowzers, slj and kirkus, they’re spot on and carry a lot of weight, congrats! celebrate however you feel fit, can’t wait till everyone has a copy in their hands and can see for themselves how ahhhmazing this book is! 🙂

      1. One of the little people enjoying your meteoric rise to children’s publishing fame.Well done, sir!

  4. Woohoooo!!!! This is so great. These reviews are great. I can already envision gradeschools across the nation snapping these up to read to the kids this November. 🙂

    1. I adore Ratatouille. I even own two pet fancy rats — one of whom is almost as brilliant as Remy.

      Thanks for the kind words! Also, thanks for entering the contest; I’m using one of your questions in my interview with David Gardner.

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