I’m a Guest!


Thanks to the lovely and talented Tara Lazar, I am a PiBoIdMo guest blogger!

For those not in the know, PiBoIdMo stands for Picture Book Idea Month, and it’s kind of a big deal. To say that I am honored would be a gross understament.

So head on over to Tara’s place and read what I gotta say, OK? I’ll be your best friend!

22 Replies to “I’m a Guest!”

  1. Wow! There sure were a lot of commenters over there!

    I can just picture you on the floor at your Mom’s with the erector set! lol

    You are a big kid at heart, I think. That’s why your blog posts are so full of humor, with a little mischief thrown in for good measure! You’re definitely right about play stimulating our creativity. I’m glad I have a grandson to color & draw with, not to mention the Lego building. 🙂

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