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Wait. What time is it?

OversleptUm. Sorry about that.

Look for new Writerfellow posts next week!

49 thoughts on “Wait. What time is it?”

  1. No pressure, but lest you feel blogging is a waste of time, I want you to know there are people “out there” who enjoy your musings and have missed them. I’m one of them!

    1. No, no, no, my friend. I do not feel that blogging is a waste of time. Blogging just takes *a lot* of time, and my (un-fun) work schedule forced me to put it aside for a while.

      That said, it’s nice ta see ya again, Nancy!

  2. No, I disagree with mywithershins. Feel Bad. Feel really BAD. We have missed you. An empty void was felt across the universe, or at least the blogging universe. Truly, I enjoy your ‘take’ on things, whether writing or rats, teachers or cats, doodling or brats. I’ve missed it all, and welcome you back with a big blogging hug.

  3. Nice popularity ploy–be gone extra long so the absence fonder/longer factor increases. Now get going and no more vacations. I see that tan peeking through your excuse of work load. 😎

  4. I’m sorry, your name is what? Mike…Mike? Mike what? Allegra? Hmmm…sounds kind of familiar. I used to know someone called Mike something like Allegra, not seen him around for a while though…

  5. I thought I heard a stretchy yawn emanating from deep within that dark cave…hmmm… the hibernating bear stiiiiiiiirrrssss…. Let me take a peek. *sticks head beyond the rocky entrance*

    “HEY!!!” I yell, as a pillow smacks me up side the head! πŸ˜‰

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