49 Replies to “Wait. What time is it?”

  1. No pressure, but lest you feel blogging is a waste of time, I want you to know there are people “out there” who enjoy your musings and have missed them. I’m one of them!

    1. No, no, no, my friend. I do not feel that blogging is a waste of time. Blogging just takes *a lot* of time, and my (un-fun) work schedule forced me to put it aside for a while.

      That said, it’s nice ta see ya again, Nancy!

  2. No, I disagree with mywithershins. Feel Bad. Feel really BAD. We have missed you. An empty void was felt across the universe, or at least the blogging universe. Truly, I enjoy your ‘take’ on things, whether writing or rats, teachers or cats, doodling or brats. I’ve missed it all, and welcome you back with a big blogging hug.

  3. Nice popularity ploy–be gone extra long so the absence fonder/longer factor increases. Now get going and no more vacations. I see that tan peeking through your excuse of work load. 😎

  4. I thought I heard a stretchy yawn emanating from deep within that dark cave…hmmm… the hibernating bear stiiiiiiiirrrssss…. Let me take a peek. *sticks head beyond the rocky entrance*

    “HEY!!!” I yell, as a pillow smacks me up side the head! πŸ˜‰

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