And The Winners Are….

Who will be the lucky winner? Will it be YOU?
Who will be the lucky doodle winner? Will it be YOU?

Holy schmoley cannoli! You guys sure like my doodles!

I am surprised and delighted to report that my Win A Doodle! Hooray! post was the most commented-upon post in my blog’s four-year history – handily breaking the former record holder, A Natural Cure (which had an unfair advantage as it was Freshly Pressed).

So wow. Just wow. You guys are wonderful!

And your vacation tales were delightful! And horrible! And delightfully horrible! I loved every last one of them.

In fact, if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend that you head back to the post to peruse some of the anecdotes. Your morning coffee will be pouring out of your nose in no time.

But enough of my yammering! It’s time to get down to business!

Let’s find out who will win a Custom Made Mike Allegra Doodle!

Our esteemed judge took his position before the Penguin Ice Bucket of Impartiality…

01 the sorting bucketHe dumped the entries inside…

02 the ballotsHe wielded the Tongs of Selectivity-ness…

03 the tongs of impartialityAnd stirred.

04 stirring...And stirred.

05 stirring...And stirred.

06 stirring...*Sigh* And stirred.

07 stirring...I’m growing old, kid.

08 and the grand prize winner is...And the winner is…

09 Alicia something!ALICIAJAMJAAS!

(How do you pronounce that, Alicia?)

Congratulations, Alicia-Something, you are the winner of a Mike Allegra Doodle!


There are two other prizes!

The mother of Thanksgiving! Woo!BOTF_Hi-Rez-CoverThe Second Prize-Winner gets to select one of my books!

And the Third Prize-Winner gets what the Second Prize winner didn’t want!

So! Let’s continue!

Oh, crap, that means more stirring, doesn’t it?

10 shake Nope. Shaking.

11 shake shakeWhy didn’t I ever spank this kid?

12 shake shake shakeMy parents spanked me and I turned out fine. And obedient.

13 shake shake shake shakeStop shaking! For the love of God, STOP SHAKING!

14 the second prize winner is...And the Second Prize winner is…

15 Giff!GIFF MacSHANE!

Congratulations, Giff! You have won an autographed copy of Sarah Gives Thanks OR Blood on the Floor!

And the Third Prize winner is…

16 third prize is...also Giff?Um. Also GIFF MacSHANE?

OK. That’s never happened before. Apparently that outcome is possible when you throw multiple ballots into a bucket.

So the judge and I had a consultation.

After much deliberation, the judge decided that as much as we love Giff (neither one of us knows Giff, but both of us concluded that Giff is probably someone we would love to go bowling with) it would be unfair to give her two prizes.

SO! We’re giving this another go!

And the Third Prize winner is…

17. the real third prize winnerOh, you gotta be kidding me.

*Sigh* The Third Prize winner is my bloggy tormentor/cat fancier/Brussels sprout eater/punk kid raiser JILANNE HOFFMANN!

I knew we should’ve given both books to lovable Giff.

18 congrats!Congrats to Alicia, Giff, and Jilanne! Please head on up to the  “Hire Me!” menu and send me an email.

Thanks to everyone who entered! See you next week!

90 Replies to “And The Winners Are….”

  1. What? I didn’t win? Man, I thought I had this one in the bag. I lit candles and everything. But the pics of the drawing are so dang cute that I can’t even be upset for not winning. Now I can’t wait to see what Lish wants you to doodle. She happens to live a mile away from me, so at least I will be able to visit the winning doodle now and then.

      1. Oh, now you want to draw a salamander! As for Lish, her house is freakishly spotless, she makes her own soap, and she’s been on archaeological digs and likely unearthed a few crappy drawings. But somehow I think you’ll doodle your doodle magic and hers will turn out fabulously. I know what she wants because she was so excited that she couldn’t keep it a secret.

      1. Aahhing at the misery of not getting my name drawn from the pot, of course. It’s ridiculously fun to whine about it. I’m happy for Lish and Jil, but I’m not going to tell them that. I don’t know this Giff character, but I suppose I’m happy for Giff too.

  2. Did you pay Carrie to set the tone with her everything and everyone is lovely post? Thank goodness Laurel sets it to rights: Waaaaah! Another round of losing.

    Okay, got it out of my system.

      1. Oh, Mike. Dear Mike. You have only yourself to blame. Do you not realize the fervor with which fans pine for an actual CUSTOM MADE MIKE ALLEGRA DOODLE?!!!!! Seriously. A hand-penned note by William Shakespeare. An original sketch of a flying machine by Leonardo da Vinci. A custom made Mike Allegra Doodle. An original cell from “The Incredible Mr. Limpet.”*** These are all priceless possessions all very whine-worthy!

        ***Yes, this cell is actually available for purchase at the Jersey Shore! Now, of course, you would be aware of this valuable information were you following Kelly Light on social media, but nooooo. Far be it for me to say anything, though *ahem*

  3. Oh, I am soooooooo luccccckkkkkkyyyyy!!!!!!! Sooooooooo luccccckyyyy!!!!!! I am beside myself. Seeing double. Triple. Quintuple!!! I will shellac a brussels sprout in your honor! I will hug a mouse and promise not to feed it to any cat that walks by. Oooooooooohhhhh! Yippppppeeeeee!!!!!

    And maybe I’ll share my prize with Laurel. Maybe. If she’s nice to me and stops draggging that scary dolly around.

      1. You’re the best! Thanks! Please thank your son, too, for pulling my name out of the hat. Being a contest winner takes some of the itch and burn out of my painful vacation memory. 😀

      1. Which reminds me, I really need to do a post featuring Spooky Dolly’s music. After listening, you may never be the same again. On my list!

      2. Oh! You hurt me in my heart. How could I ever drown Spooky Dolly? Actually, she would probably survive underwater for a millennium or two.

  4. OK, Laurel just made me realize a solution of solace would be to VISIT the doodles! I love this idea, though have no idea if a winner is anywhere in my vicinity *sigh*

    Seriously, a big CONGRATS to the lucky winners! I’m totally looking forward to the unveiling of Alicia’s request 😀 I also think Giff would heartily agree with your decision on spreading the good fortune 🙂 I know I do!

    I also didn’t know you had a blog post Freshly Pressed (not that I’m at ALL surprised!). How does one go about accomplishing the receiving of such an esteemed, holy honor? Are bribes involved? 😉

    P.S. Love that judge 😀

    1. I got Freshly Pressed before we knew each other — way back in December 2012. I’m not sure why that particular post was FPed, I didn’t think it was one of my better writing efforts, but was grateful nonetheless.

      And, yup, that judge is quite lovable.

  5. WAHHHHHHHHHH. And I can’t pout, because I already OWN a famous Mike Allegra Doodle. Which is FRAMED and HANGING in my office. If Alicia doesn’t do the same, I’ll take her prize.
    Oh yes I will. And you don’t have to shake or stir any other names to give it away. So there.

  6. This was more fun than the last one. Alex certainly has grow a lot since then…and he is even funnier…and way more energetic. Congrats to all the winners!

    And…have a great summer blog break!

      1. I wouldn’t say like a cold, cold seems so negative. I would say catching as in catching like a falling star. When you see it, it grabs your attention and you watch it until it’s gone. In this case, until the post is over.

  7. Congratulations to the lucky winners. I will be over in the corner weeping. Perhaps someone could let me know when a suitable mourning period has passed.
    Sometime in the next 2 years, I really must have a famous Mike Allegra doodle. (I was serious last year when I said I wanted to commission one. Let me know when you have the fee structure in place. I might have to save up or pay in installments!)

      1. I think Dee should be VP of your fan club, Mike. 🙂

        Just think of the dama–uh, just think what she and I could accomplish together . . . heh.

  8. I have been skimming blogs this afternoon and yours caught my eye. Mainly because of what appears to be an awesome sense of humor. And the doodles don’t hurt…
    I loved reading about The Great Salamander Campaign and intend to go back and read the entries for Best and Worst Vacation. The one of sleeping in puppy pee whilst camping was great. I, too, have a nightmarish vacation to tell but won’t bother with it now. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  9. Darn it I missed another chance to enter! I’m just not around enough anymore! Anyway, congrats to the winners! Your son makes a most excellent winner-picker, a winner-picker extraordinaire we might say. Next time I will definitely aim to enter so as to win doodle number two (and please don’t misread that as being a doodle of a number two).

    1. Oh, you’re not fooling anyone, Vanessa. You have been avoiding my contests.

      Always with the “Gee, I’ll give that some thought” and then you vanish until the contest is over. I’m on to you.

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