A Bloggy Addition

Lawrentian coverI’m not sure why it took me so long to do this, but I finally added a blog page that features some of my magazine writing. The page is located under the “About Me” menu item above.

So far the writing samples are all from The Lawrentian, the magazine I edited for 11 years before becoming a rogue freelancer in 2015. I will flesh out the page with clips from other sources soon, but there still is a little something for everyone, I think. Included here are profiles of Boston Globe sportswriter Bob Ryan (“Beantown’s Best”), voiceover artist Steve Kamer (“The Voice”) and deli owner Noah Birnamoff — the best beef brisket maker in Brooklyn (“Schmear Campaign”).

The page also offers up feature stories about the wedding industry, Socratic teaching methods, and farming. (Yep, I wrote eight pages about farming and it’s one of my favorite stories ever.)

So have a look around and feel free to email me with your thoughts. Enjoy!


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