57 Replies to “YIKES!”

    1. Peter… Hm. Peter Pan? Peter Rabbit? Peter, Paul, and Mary? I give up. Peter who from where?

      I deserve your grumbly mumbles.

      I was pulled away from the blog due to urgent personal issues. When the urgent personal issues became a little less urgent, I was kept away from the blog due to professional commitments. Then, after the professional commitments were all committed, I was kept away from the blog due to laziness. And, well, that 1,000-page biography of U.S. Grant wasn’t gonna read itself!

      1. You and your kiddo need to rewatch Hook. Wait for it, there is a wonderful moment when the Lost Boys recognize the Pan in the adult Peter. So, the reference is alluding to what I figured to be adult responsibilities. I could have done Jack Nicholson’s “I’m back” as a salute…just saying, it’s scary how long you’ve been away.

      2. My boy’s never seen Hook and I’m not too interested in re-seeing it, I’m afraid. As far as seafaring tales are concerned, we’re more of a Master and Commander family.

  1. I was over our break up…..doing well….and now you come back?

    *back of hand to forehead!* omg! *heads back to therapy…..*

      1. Or the Winter of 2018.
        It just won’t leave!!
        Not that I want you to leave, but since we were using references of things that just keep coming back…

    1. I look forward to revisiting your blog, Patricia! And, yep, the writing has made me busier than I have ever been.

      *Knocks wood, kisses horseshoe, rubs rabbit foot (on a living rabbit, of course)*

  2. Glad you are back! I had started missing your blogs. I know I’m not better myself (have not posted anything lately), but I thought maybe you got famous overnight and forgot all about us! ;o)

  3. Oh, you gave me a real chuckle with this one…seems we’ve got the same illness…different reasons but same result. If you post again, I will! 😀

      1. Well, I’ve been dreaming about my next post so I’d better start getting it out of my naps and onto the blog! Monday? …okay…Monday it is!

  4. Your picture and caption made me laugh.
    Because I spend most of my days now, with that “Oh crap, I forgot something,” look on my face.
    So little time, so many things to do.

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