Winner! Winner! Turkey Dinner!

Here it is!

The moment all of you have been waiting for!

The winners of the So Long, Sarah Giveaway!

Three lucky entrants will win a signed copy of my soon-to-go-out-of-print book, Sarah Gives Thanks, a picture book biography of the great Sarah Josepha Hale. 

My book.

Winners are selected by random drawing.

So without further ado, let us get The Ice Bowl of Impartiality!


And The Tongs of Selectitude!


And then there’s this guy. He’s the Ballot Selector.

Hoo boy. Please accept my apology in advance.

This giveaway didn’t generate as many entrants as my past contests, but the Ballot Selector did his dangdest to “make it rain.”

The kid is nothing if not enthusiastic.

Then he stirred.

And stirred.

And stirred.

Oh, no, not this again.

Again? Really? Come ON!


Okay. Here we go. And the winners are…



And Jilanne Hoffmann!

Congrats Virginia, AJ, and Jilanne!

To get your prize, go to the “Hire Me!” menu at the top of this page and send me an email!

And thanks to everyone else who entered! See you next week!

46 Replies to “Winner! Winner! Turkey Dinner!”

      1. So if I take it off the waiting list on Amazon and send it to you, would you put your John Henry on it?

    1. Yes, the boy has got verve.

      But this isn’t my new book, Writing; it’s my oooooold book. It’s outta print and gone forever.

      (Fortunately new books will soon arrive to replace the old.)

  1. OMG, that is sooooo cool. Thanks Mike. I’m so excited! I’ll email you. I hope the extra blogs and repost brought some more attention and some more fans to your blog. You deserve it!

  2. OMG, I had planned to come back and post something and it became totally erased from my memory. Congratulations to the lucky winners! Hey, hasn’t that ballot picking guy grown about a foot since last you used his services?

  3. Wow! That’s the best news I’ve had today! Thank you so much! I accidentally posted from my old WP site, which is more of an oversight than a site. Hope this works better … Can’t wait to read your beautiful book! I am thrilled. 🙂

      1. I think if they are caged properly they should make the trip without too much trouble. They will know the mail has arrived when they hear ‘gobble, gobble!’

      1. I, for one, was stymied by the challenge of coming up with a worthy historical fact. It had to be dazzling to be considered. I fell to the dreaded scourge of lack of creativity.

      2. Well, I thought my addition of Shakespeare dying on his birthday was somewhat morose. I could have gone with the second-best bed bit–seemed tacky.

  4. I love your assistant!
    He has to get his dramatic flair from you. lol
    Also love the table and chairs. It looks very similar to the table my parents had for years and which I inherited, eventually replacing with “better.” Oh how I wish I could have that table back!!!

    1. That kitchen set was a housewarming gift from my godmother. My godmother’s mother owned it but, for some peculiar reason, she never used it. For decades it was stored under and oilcloth in her basement. When I received it, it was like new.

      And, yeah, that boy of mine is quite a character, that for sure.

  5. My humongous disappointment is offset by the smiles on my face as I see the ever-growing Alex take his job as Ballot Selector oh so seriously. Hip Hip Hooray to the winners!

    1. Alex’s goofball charm does have a way of tempering any disappointment.

      And you already possess an Allegra artifact that is far rarer than SGT: a one-of-a-kind doodle! That thing must be worth a *fortune*!

  6. Woohoooser!!!!!! I am woozy with anticipation at receiving this fabulous, fabulous prize!!! Did I tell you I got a response from AW, specifically Wendy M.? They are leaving open the possibility of bringing SGT into paperback for a “Fall list sometime in the future.” So there you have it. Other than driving to their offices with a few hundred roast turkeys, I think I’ve spread about as much influence as I have at my disposal. Thanks again for writing this awesome book! And thanks for offering up these last copies to your readers. I’m psyched!! Cheers!

    1. Thats more information than I’ve ever received from AW&Co. So thanks!

      Just shoot me an email with your current address and I’ll get a copy of Sarah Gives Thanks to you right away!

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