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Today is…

Thursday, February 28 is National Science Day!

And Friday, March 1 is the book birthday for Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist!


Did Kirkus Reviews like Scampers? Why, yes, it did.

Did Foreward Reviews like Scampers? Five stars says yes!

Is Mike Allegra shamelessly promoting Scampers? No. I am filled with shame. But the shame is worth it! I think Scampers is the best picture book I’ve ever written. And it’s got cute widdle mice in it!

Seriously, just look at this adorable face:

Awww! (Illustrator Elizabeth Zechel is a genius.)

Wanna buy a copy?

Because you really should!

And thanks!

35 thoughts on “Today is…”

  1. I am SO excited that Scampers is a real live book at last! Well, you know what I mean…
    Adding this one to the burgeoning “Allegra” section of my bookshelf right away!

      1. You always add humor, Mike, which goes over well. I just add angst. Lol.
        Even when I was traditionally published, I had to market, so there wasn’t any less pain in that department. Now it’s done and I can move on until the next awkward moment. 🙂

      1. What I love the most about the manhole cover story is, after they rescue the rat, they put him right back in the sewer! He wasn’t treated like vermin, he was just a pudgy, furry fellow in a little bit of a pickle!

  2. I’m going to suggest my library add another room soon to house the MICHAEL ALLEGRA COLLECTION. I’ll be the first to donate!

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