A Doodle-y Announcement!

Visit this blog next week…

for a chance to enter…

my eagerly anticipated…

widely celebrated…

world famous…

and kinda nifty…

Doodle Contest!

Thank you for the fanfare, Mr. Elephant.

The grand prize winner will get an original Mike Allegra doodle of anything he or she wants!

“Anything,” you ask?

“Yes. Anything,” I reply.

“What if I want a doodle of a cow stealing grass clippings?” you ask.

“No sweat,” I reply.

(Click to enlarge.)

“What if I want a doodle of Goldilocks getting arrested for breaking and entering?” you ask.

“Okee doke,” I reply.

(Click to enlarge.)

“But what if I want a doodle of a rhino riding a tricycle?” you ask.

“Consider it done,” I reply.

(Click to enlarge.)

So, yes! I will draw anything you want!

Mark you calendars! Tell your friends! And revisit this blog sometime next week for a chance to win the doodle of your dreams!

See you then!