A Sully Update

First the Good News:

I am delighted to report that the number of submissions for The Sully Award for Excellence in Writerishness has wildly exceeded my expectations! Dozens and dozens of fantastic entries filled the comments section of my blog!

And this leads to the Bad News:

Because of the number of entries, I felt the judges needed a bit more time to, well, judge. So the Sully Award winner will be named a week later than expected, on Tuesday, April 11.

This isn’t really bad news, of course. An extra week will give the judges more time to properly consider all of the entries in order to pick the most deserving winner. And isn’t that what we all want?

Why, yes. Yes it is.

Thank you for your patience.

And thank you for entering to win a Sully Award! Your support and enthusiasm mean a lot to me.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new blog post.



10 Replies to “A Sully Update”

  1. But will you prepare your own winners list? That’s the question (and a challenge). Maybe a list of the story that made you snort in laughter, snuffle a tear, made you remark “wish I wrote that,” share with at least three other people besides your family. C’mon, Mike–we want to know what you think of our stuff.

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