A Doodle-y Announcement!

Visit this blog next week…

for a chance to enter…

my eagerly anticipated…

widely celebrated…

world famous…

and kinda nifty…

Doodle Contest!

Thank you for the fanfare, Mr. Elephant.

The grand prize winner will get an original Mike Allegra doodle of anything he or she wants!

“Anything,” you ask?

“Yes. Anything,” I reply.

“What if I want a doodle of a cow stealing grass clippings?” you ask.

“No sweat,” I reply.

(Click to enlarge.)

“What if I want a doodle of Goldilocks getting arrested for breaking and entering?” you ask.

“Okee doke,” I reply.

(Click to enlarge.)

“But what if I want a doodle of a rhino riding a tricycle?” you ask.

“Consider it done,” I reply.

(Click to enlarge.)

So, yes! I will draw anything you want!

Mark you calendars! Tell your friends! And revisit this blog sometime next week for a chance to win the doodle of your dreams!

See you then!


45 Replies to “A Doodle-y Announcement!”

  1. I need a ‘raffe to commemorate my memorial trip to Scotland JUST to see them. Ok, and get some Scottish Plaid scarves. Ok, And Edinburgh Castle. How about a ‘raffe IN Edinburgh Castle , OH OH OH WEARING!! A Scottish plaid scarf!!!!!

      1. Oh yes. A ‘raffe is a long necked gorgeous animal that I fell in love with April 2004. Wish I could have one for a PET……

  2. Since I already have my Shape Shifter I will restrain myself from entering, but don’t for one minute believe I’m not mightly tempted. Can’t wait to see who wins! Will you post what you draw? Did you post my Shape Shifter? I can’t remember. Good luck to one and all.

  3. I conspired in an arm-twisting campaign on behalf of Laurel Leigh, but I haven’t allowed myself to dream of winning a doodle contest and being able to admire such a precious item whenever I want. For a week, the dream is alive…

  4. Can’t wait. Do you just select a name. Or do we submit a doodle idea in advance? Or if chosen we tell you what we’d like? Love the elephant and Goldilocks belongs with your story! That would make such a great fractured fairy tale – best I’ve seen in a while.

    1. The winner will be selected in a random drawing. Once that winner is determined, I’ll reach out to her/him and ask: “Okay, what’cha want me to draw?”

      Once the commissioned drawing is drawn, I’ll post it on the blog before sending the original to the winner via snail mail.

      But I’ll go over all of this stuff next week. So no worries!

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