Nesting Instinct

Ah, it is starting to become clear to me now.

The first day I noodled around with this thing, I got set up, wrote a blog post, and chose a dull-yet-inoffensive orange-ish background color. I also learned how to put in a picture. It’s not a picture I intend to stick with; it’s not a picture that reflects the type of person I am (I haven’t watched a football game all the way through since the 1980s); but it is a picture and I put it in. Let us not lose sight of this achievement.

Today holds a bigger achievement: I learned how to nest submenus. Right underneath my “About Me” is an actual, honest-to-God, resume to prove that I am not a writing one-trick pony.

It is nothing short of a Christmas Miracle.

This site will be becoming more and more schizophrenic as the weeks continue – but this should be seen as a sign of progress. This blog, as it does now, will continue to chart my techie progress. The rest of the site, though, will become more kid-/school-centric in anticipation of future book sales and classroom visits.


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