Three Silly Little Things That Make Me Deliriously Happy

Don’t mind if I do!

Sample Ladies

Shopping in one of those ginormous warehouse stores is exhausting. You’re pretty much hoofing half a mile every time you go down an aisle – and since they’re about 400 aisles in those places, you’re in for a very long walk.

So what a delight it is to turn a corner and encounter a smiling grandma-type ready – eager, really – to hand you a paper cup with a cookie or a wiener dog or a cheesy cracker inside. She knows you’re walking a marathon with a two-ton shopping cart in tow. She knows your blood sugar is low. She wants to help. She’s your support team.

“It’s good, hm?” she asks as you chew. And since she already knows your answer, she follows it up with a wink and an almost conspiratorial, “Have another.” And you comply, because you and your new grandma are sharing a special moment.

You also comply because, well, only one cup of whatever-it-was just doesn’t cut it. Go ahead and ask for a third one; she’ll give it to you.

Accept no substitutes!

Scotch Magic Tape

I take great pride in my ability to giftwrap unusually shaped objects. I chalk it up to my on-again/off-again obsessive compulsive disorder.

So it should come as little surprise that I find Magic Tape wonderful. You can make it nearly invisible by scratching it with a thumbnail; that, my friends, is the difference between a good wrapping job and a great one.

Once upon a time, my wife, Ellen, didn’t understand this. Once she bought a roll of cellophane tape. Her reason was “because it was on sale.”

That is a bad reason. The only acceptable reason is “because someone forced me at gunpoint.”

Not only was the cellophane tape absurdly, distractingly shiny, but also hard to rip off the roll and had this nasty habit of sticking to itself. I grumped about it constantly.

I don’t whine like this about most things. In my life I have (repeatedly) coped with getting fired; dealt with serious family illnesses; and helmed enormous, high priority, long-term projects without ever breaking a sweat. Subpar tape, however, is my kryptonite. That’s just the way I roll. Ellen has decided to love me anyway.

Ellen has also decided that cheap, crummy, evil tape is not worth the inevitable rift in our marriage and now buys the “correct” tape, regardless of price.

Yes, I know my wife is patient and wonderful. No need to tell me. I know.

Those leaves were made for walkin’ (upon).

Crunchy Leaves

I love to walk in the woods. I also love it when my footfalls make little noises. Fallen leaves make quiet, yet deeply satisfying “crish crish” sounds that gladden my heart. Don’t ask me why this affects me the way it does; I have no idea, but I’ll walk for miles to keep hearing that “crish crish.”

Now if someone ever decides to station a few sample ladies along those leafy, wooded paths, I would be a very happy man indeed.

What silly little thing makes you happy?

48 Replies to “Three Silly Little Things That Make Me Deliriously Happy”

  1. I see I’ve met my counterpart! LOL Fall leaves – and fall itself – make me deliriously happy too, as does snow. I watch everyone grumbling about shoveling and raking and I just think to myself, “You’re totally missing the point.” 🙂

  2. Love that! — ‘sample ladies along those leafy, wooded paths’. Heaven!

    In the middle of a city street, there was a man picking berries from a tree overlapping from the park. He tip toed with his arms over his head the whole time. He picked non-stop, pulling berries from the tree and putting them in his mouth like a monkey — watching that made me very happy.

  3. Three silly things, indeed, but I do agree, they are great. Free samples are always a God-send when you’ve traipsed around a huge warehouse, Scotch invisible tape has to be the best ever and it is fun to scrunch around in a pile of autumn leaves.

    There is a particular type of ice in winter that makes a delicious crunch, like that of leaves, when you step on it – one of the few things I actually like about our northern winters. I also liked making mini-banana loaves for my kids. 🙂

  4. Love this post. My wife and I used to call these sorts of things “favorite things”.
    One of mine is my reusable Starbucks plastic cup and straw. I never used to be a water drinker, but now I drink gallons a day just because I am compulsed to suck on that green straw all the time.

  5. Those food samples look delicious!

    I love when any goofy dog comes bumbling at me (is bumbling a word?) for a pet; that always puts me in a good mood, especially when I’m well dressed and possibly taking myself too seriously 🙂

    1. That is a great one and, boy, do I agree.

      On one insanely hot day in August, I visited a local orchard for a cider slushie and an apple donut. While I was eating on the farm store’s porch, and old, old yellow dog lying in the sun in front of me raised his sleepy head and decided I was the type of fellow he’d like to get to know better. He toddled over and flopped down next to me as if we belonged to each other. I was sort of honored.

      “This,” I remember thinking, “is what I want my heaven to be like.”

  6. I might have to do a whole post on this subject, a sort of homage to your blog. ; )
    1. My kids are BANANAS about the sample ladies. Oddly, even when we have just eaten lunch or just eaten snack or just eaten anything at all. They are certain that all samples must be sampled and get into delirious craziness when they see the little stalls. I, because of this, am not quite as fond.
    2. WE HAVE THE SAME KRYPTONITE!!!!! Luckily, I do most of the purchasing in our family. So Scotch tape is always in evidence. I do not know who purchased the ridiculous, faux tape that ended up in one of our drawers, but I turn into a wild, angry warthog when I try to tear tape off of it. The manufacturers should be arrested and sent to a prison with tape bars–they would not be able to twist and break them even if they tried.
    3. So fun. Love me some leaves.
    Great post!!!!

  7. It makes me ridiculously happy that my husband puts extra soup stock into the refrigerator labelled: CHICKEN STOCKEN. Now I want to write a book with that title!

  8. I do still like swishing and crunching my feet down the street in the leaves creating the optimal amount of noise. I also love odd-shaped presents, like last year’s snow shovel disguised as Mr. Hanky Christmas Poo. I have a weird love for finishing things- like eating the last bowl of cereal or the last bowl of oatmeal from the circa 1998 container.

  9. I think those ladies don’t like the idea of anyone seeing the shopping isles as a free gym. They’re just trying to recuperate the calories. They might be getting backhanders from the gym. You should look into it 😉

  10. I love school supplies – sharpened color pencils and pens. I also like those samples, too. Sometimes, I feel like kiddo is getting a free lunch. At our Costco, the sample ladies (and a few men) get a bonus when you buy. It’s a good incentive to buy after you try, because who wants 144 burritos when you’ve never tried them before?

    1. You reminded me of another good one: The big box of Crayolas with the sharpener in the back. I never liked to use the sharpener, but I took great pleasure in knowing it was there.

      And, just so you know, I’m having problems with your blog. No matter how many times I attempt to follow it, your new posts never show up in my reader. No idea why this is, but I need to make a habit of checking out what’s going on in Stacyland without relying on notifications.

  11. Ooh –I love crunchy leaves too. Incidentally, I also love going to Trader Joes (as opposed to ginormous chain store) because they always have yummy samples. Yay to nature and free samples!!

  12. I hate cellophane tape. Why do people not understand the difference between the right tape and wrong tape?
    I love when it rains while it’s still sunny out and splashing in puddles!

  13. I have an unhealthy obsession with tape in general, especially duct tape. It’s more than the color or design. It’s also the tearability, stickiness, weave of the underlying cloth, thickness, and so on. When making duct tape objects like wallets, you have to be careful about mixing Scotch brand with Duck Tape brand. These are important facts.

  14. Oh I do like how you tied that all together. And when you really think about every place on earth should offer some type of free sample. But maybe I’m just dreaming of heaven. 😀

  15. Soooo many silly things make me happy, like reading fun blog posts early in the morning while my man brings me my special tea latte from the corner cafe, the one with lots of foam and powdered chocolate on top (the tea, not the man) and kisses me good morning on my neck (the man, not the tea).

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