I’m a Guest

Lumiere: The only Disney character that makes playing with fire look like fun!

I am now an official guest blogger. Do feel free to stop by Khaula Mazhar’s place and check out my post: Criticizing Critiques: A Critical Study. Maybe she’ll serve cake.

Hope to see you all there!

22 Replies to “I’m a Guest”

  1. Well done, Don, I mean Mike. I take it you live in an urban area where you have access to various writing groups. I live in a rural area, where the choices are rather limited. Any suggestions? When it comes to my writing, I appreciate people like you and I especially appreciated your guest post.


    1. I’m a suburbanite, but, yes, I do have the freedom to move from one group to the next when necessary.

      You can often get connected to area writers through state or national writing guilds and associations; the key, however, is that you have to be a member (and pay member dues) to get access to that information.

      Perhaps I’m remembering incorrectly, but don’t you write for a newspaper? I have yet to see a newspaper staff that doesn’t have at least a few reporters who pursue personal writing. You might want to consider looking there as well.

      And, of course, if there are no groups available, you can always found your own. It’s not much work and you’ll have the freedom to rein in (or kick out) any Dons and Helens.

  2. That was a good post over there Mike – although I couldn’t find any of the cake you mentioned? I did comment on the post over there, but it’s still awaiting moderation so hasn’t appeared yet!

  3. I’ll follow you anywhere, Mike. Great guest post!

    (I’ve met a few Helens in my time—and a Don who told me he hadn’t read further than the first page because I’d committed the sin of italicizing something rather than underlining and he didn’t read in my genre, anyway . . . sigh).

  4. It’s hard to take criticism from someone who is not specific or interested in actually reading your work. It’s also difficult when a member will not take criticism because they will never improve and that kind of attitude causes a lot of friction between members. Glad you finally found a writing critique group that works for you!

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