E-citing News!

If you don't win it, you should buy it.

Sarah Josepha Hale and I have quite a few things in common. 

Sarah wrote to support her family. So do I!

Sarah was a magazine editor. So am I!

Sarah never owned a Kindle. Neither do I!

That means that neither Sarah nor I have any idea how Sarah Gives Thanks looks on that itty bitty e-book screen. But I’m sure it looks awesome.

That’s my Big News! After a year-and-a-half of saying, “No, Sarah Gives Thanks is NOT available as an e-book,” that is no longer the case! So, hey, if you’re into that sort of thing, there you go!

As for me, I like all my books printed on paper. Why, you ask? Because I am a cantankerous, change-averse, old goat.

Self portrait.
Self portrait.

But, despite my inherent goatiness, I am happy that there is a much cheaper version of my book out there. Whatever encourages more people to learn about Sarah Josepha Hale is always OK by me.

I am certain that Sarah  — with whom I share so much in common — would feel the same way.

"I enthusiastically endorse this service or product."  -- Sarah Josepha Hale
“Sure. Whatever.” — Sarah Josepha Hale


39 Replies to “E-citing News!”

  1. I’m with you on this. I prefer an actual book to hold, feel, smell and I don’t own a kindle. We do have one in the house though so if need be I can use it. Congratulations on being able to reach more readers by offering this alternative.

  2. That’s great, Mike!

    I prefer paper books, too, but I know several parents who want more eBooks for kids, especially when they travel, so it’s a win-win for them-you. 🙂

  3. I don’t know. Your goat is looking pretty youthful.

    Anyway, congrats on Sarah’s becoming available in yet another format! Infinitely better than becoming available as a door mat! She would never have agreed to that!

    1. You got me. That sketch is a young goat. It is also a female goat. The females are more likely to stand still for a quick sketch. Also, unlike the guy goats, they don’t smell.

      As to your second point, you’re right; Sarah was NOBODY’S doormat. She was one tough cookie!

  4. I wonder how children’s books fare via E-format. That’s trusting a little person with holding $100+ in their hands to read a book! But I guess tearing pages and peanut butter smears are less id a problem. Congrats! And I’m a hold out for paper as well.

  5. I prefer to read my books printed on paper. I do think, however, that your illustrations are pretty awesome in digital form, so that should work well. Congratulations, Mike! xoM

  6. Go Sarah! I know how you feel — I’m quite the change averse old goat myself. But hopefully this means that you’ll get a lot more sales.

    On another note, it amazes me how many people rush to buy all of these electronic devices simply because they’re what’s in. Eh. I suppose they want to keep up. I just wonder if people are actually better off when they own the latest technology.

  7. I am shocked, and impressed. (Sorta like the shock and awe syndrome). YOU agreed to an e-book? I do notice that you don’t say that YOU have a Kindle nor will you ever read on a Kindle, but this post shows that never say never is a smart motto (even for goats). On the other hand, as a huge fan of Sarah Gives Thanks, I must say that this book is best experienced as the beautiful ‘real’ book that it is. I’ll be interested to see how the illustrations come out on my Kindle. Because, ahem, I do read many books on a Kindle, about 50/50. (However, I admit with a wry grin that I most like having the ‘real book’ in my hands.)

    1. I wouldn’t say I agreed to it, exactly. It was in my contract. And, hey, just because I don’t go for e-books, that doesn’t mean I want to keep the many fine e-book readers out there from learning about the great Sarah Hale!

      Something told me that you were paper preference kinda gal! And I am delighted to hear it! 🙂

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