Duly Represented

I sold my first (and only) picture book manuscript a few years ago. Upon learning the news of the sale, I was, of course, ecstatic.

I was also exhausted, for I braved about a jillion rejections before that long-coveted contract arrived. I soon began to wonder just how dogged I would need to be before I could hope to get a second contract. After all, I’m not as dogged as I used to be; I’m getting to an age where I need to start scheduling naptime.

So late last summer I did a little soul searching and decided that I needed help. I stopped relentlessly sending manuscripts to publishers and started relentlessly sending manuscripts to agents.

I am delighted to report that my efforts were not in vain. I just signed with the wonderful Natalie Lakosil of The Bradford Literary Agency!

I knew right from the start that Natalie would be a great person to have in my corner. Not only has she sold more than her fair share of picture books, but also she has the power to subdue tigers!

No way!
No way!

Can you believe that? I couldn’t even get my pet rat to stop gnawing the ottoman.

Oh, sure, the spooning tigers thing is cool and all, but can Natalie provide me with some good feedback on the manuscripts I sent her?

I am pleased to report that the answer is a big fat “yes.” I am amazed by how perceptive and insightful her comments are. I am revising and tweaking my stories as we speak.

In other words, my previously scheduled naptime is gonna have to wait.

What are you waiting for? Check out Natalie’s blog! She’s cool.

81 Replies to “Duly Represented”

    1. I am not a cat person, as you know, but I would never EVER shrink from hugging that big furry fellow — even if he did make me sneeze. If you check out Natalie’s blog, btw, you will find another photo of her holding court with a bathing Asian elephant.

      Natalie and I are working on two of my stories now. After those are revised to our mutual satisfaction, I will send her a few more.

      1. Yes, I took a look at her blog. I love her philosophy, and I think you will be very happy with her as an agent. She just sounds like a nice person who knows the business well! Good luck with your stories!

  1. That is spur awesome and wow about the tiger hug. I might have known you’d land a cool agent. Good luck with your next big story.

  2. Fabtastic news! Couldn’t have happened to a more talented writer or a nicer guy.

    Here’s to more – many more – of your books on the shelf and into readers’ hands!

  3. This is great news Mike. Best of luck in this new chapter! We love your first book and look forward to many more.

    1. Hey, Stephanie! So nice to meet you! It’s also nice to hear that Natalie’s clients are happy (though I am certainly not surprised). Best of luck to you and “30 Days of No Gossip” — which I shall plug right now:

      1. Indeed! I’m insane. I’ve submitted a short story to probably 75 literary magazines — it takes a level of compulsion to be able to do so. Yes.

  4. I am THRILLED for you!! When I first started reading this post and how ‘dogged’ you had to be before you got the next contract, I thought of giving a snarky reply, something like maybe you had to be more ‘moused’ instead of dogged. But I thought better of writing that, since this is seriously fabulous, well-earned happy news. However, as great as Natalie seems to be (and I will immediately check out her blog), the fact is that SHE is lucky to have YOU as a client.

  5. Finding the right agent is right up there with finding the right hairdresser, although I don’t think my hairdresser wrangles tigers, but she does deal with a lot of really shaggy, manes. Well no fair, I trotted over her to make overly sentimental and ridiculous comments to pay you back for your last comment, but then you have to go and have really great news. Okay, I’m excited for you, but I’m still paying you back on a future post. Be forewarned, there is fake sentimentality in your future. 🙂

      1. Soon as I dust myself off from the last volley of wit you fired in my direction. Just wait, I’m thinking of, you know, stuff to say about your next post.

  6. That is wonderful news Mike! So happy for you! I have also fed a tiger, pet one and had him lick my hand! That was cool! Wait….wong post! I should have put this comment on the OTHER one! LOL!! Congrats my awesome friend! 🙂

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