And Here is the Winning Doodle!

Last week, the lovely and talented Kid Lit Reviews won my second Win a Doodle Contest. So she gets a doodle on the subject of her choice.

Kid Lit, who, it turns out, is a devoted animal rights activist, gave me her request:

How about a Great Dane standing guard over a few dogs that are behind him? The Dane is the rescuer and has rescued these other dogs from the mean streets and bad homes and now refuses to let anyone else harm them.

Okee doke, Kid Lit; your wish is my command.

great dane the protector

58 thoughts on “And Here is the Winning Doodle!

  1. Mike,

    The “doodle” as you incorrectly call it, is a wonderful drawing. I cannot await to get it framed – unless that is included? No? Ah gee, I didn’t think so, but I am thrilled to have won. This art, yes I said art, will hang on the wall of my new writing room. Until then, it will hang on the wall of my old writing room. If you draw another, say I win again, I’ll find a writing room with two walls.

    Thanks Mike. The Dane is great! My cats ran and hid when I showed them your work. What a bonus, a way to get them out of the room. Well, done!

  2. Wow, that’s a fabulous drawing Mike! I love the expressions on the faces, and the sheer size of the Dane is impressive. There’s something very regal and powerful about him. Great job…now about that next contest, you know, the one where I win one of your doodles…

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