A Bunpology

I’m in the middle of an unusually busy week, I’m afraid. My day job responsibilities and  freelance projects are getting in the way of a proper post.

I have also been called for jury duty, which isn’t helping matters much, either.

Long story short, I am a blogging deadbeat. To make it up to you, I have doodled an excellent picture of a very fuzzy bunny.

bunny (graded)

I know the doodle is excellent because my son gave it a very good grade.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go put it on the fridge.



72 Replies to “A Bunpology”

  1. You are not a blogging deadbeat. You’re a blogging genius, giving us a soft fuzzy bunny to keep us happy while we wait for your next wonderful posting escapade into your world. Perhaps it will deal with duties….

  2. Aha! I was called to jury duty, too, for a trial that is supposed to last 6-8 weeks. But after hours of cross examination of the potential jurors over the past two days, I was excused. Phewf! Apparently, someone didn’t like that I’ve written for nonprofits that work with disadvantaged youth or expose and attempt to rectify problems with our judicial system.

  3. Too cute! Good luck with jury duty. I did that once with an incredible group of people. It was an amazing experience.

  4. This reminds me of all the reasons I heard for not getting your homework done. But, this one makes you go…awwweee..so you get a pass! By the way I did get a note one day from one of the parents saying, “The dog really did, eat his homework. He did it…I saw him do it and I saw what was left of it.”

  5. Must be influenced by my recent reading encounter with Jonas but I’m seeing this as a pink bunny. Or the bunny reminds me of my slippers which are a frowsy pink. As for jury duty–always a story out of those.

  6. Wonderful bunny! I agree with your son’s grading system. 🙂

    You know, there’s a lot of down time in Jury duty, while you wait to be pulled out of the pool—last time I was called, I outline half a novel. and took notes for a court scene.

    For writers, there’s always a graphite lining, yeah?

  7. Both the bunny and your writing made me smile. Thank you for that! As far as I’m concerned, anyone who draws cute pictures of animals and claims his favorite journalistic piece is an article about pigs is my kind of person. 🙂

  8. Love it! You can bunpologize any time 🙂 In fact; you’ve inspired me to create this little ditty…

    There once was a blogger called Mike –
    a creative and brilliant young tyke.
    He doddled a bunny,
    which was left field and funny;
    his ‘bunpology’ we all really like.

  9. That is awesome! (and did I read a comment with a Win-A-Doodle contest mentioned in it? 😉 – Now I want a penguin and bunny tap-dancing together, along with a giraffe that thinks he’s John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever in the background. 😉 )

  10. I don’t get it. I’ve never been called to jury duty and because of the unknown at play, I’ve always wanted to go. Everyone says it’s boring, awful, etc. but I want to be a part of that boring, awful, etc. I feel so disconnected from the human race because of it. Le sigh…

    1. I’ve never been put on a jury, either. Every single time I have been summoned it’s the same story: I’m sent to sit in an overcrowded room in an uncomfortable chair where I spend the next eight hours fighting for an armrest.

  11. You’re sitting there doodling rabbits, while I can sit here and not be able to draw a realistic carrot. Darn.

  12. This blog is most excellent, dude, and your kid is so rockin’ with his A+mazing grading on your seriously fuzzy bunny. I, too, find this sketch most excellent, even though I can’t tell what he’s holding. But having to sit for jury duty, I’m thinking your adventure took a most serious turn. For sure, having to be subjected to listening to a most unbodacious show such as The View, is most bogus for the likes of Mike “Michael” Allegra. You’ve done your time. Duty done, dude.

    And a Win-a-Doodle contest would be most triumphant. Be excellent to your loyal followers, dude 😉

    1. Technically, the drawing is unfinished. My plan was to have Mr. Bunny peering over the top of a shopping cart. I drew the one bar so I’d know where to place his hands and then decided not to mess things up with the cage. So now he’s just holding a single bar.

      Tess thought the bar was a dancing cane, which I like. So I just gotta throw a couple more pencil marks on the drawing and it’s done. A pensive, bunny Fred Astaire.

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