Ta Daa! The Winning Doodle!

Last week, the lovely and talented Sarah Wesson (whose blog is awesome, by the way) won the Third Semiannual Heylookawriterfellow Win A Doodle Contest!

I am an accident prone idiot, so Sarah’s prize is a Custom Made Mike Allegra Overcoming Injury Doodle! It is the first of what I fear will be many such doodles in my future.

Sarah could get a drawing of anything she wanted. She wanted a Caffeine Gnome. I had never seen a Caffeine Gnome before, so I winged it.

Hope you like it, my friend!



74 Replies to “Ta Daa! The Winning Doodle!”

  1. Jittery the Caffeine Gnome! He’s awesome, Mike!

    You draw better with an injured paw than most people do with all digits intact. 🙂

    Thank you so much!

      1. That’s okay. I don’t currently have any pets living in my basement, except for Ghostcat, which is a real cat that lives under the stairs and only comes out at night to gobble food and return to her cubbyhole. And her name isn’t Heathcliff, either, but I’m considering changing it, because then my world would make more sense.

  2. Well…that’s all kinds of awesome Mike!! I hope I win one sometime!
    Your new job seems to suit you (accidents not withstanding…lol) Thanks for sharing the winning doodle! 😉

      1. Actually, you won a Facebook contest, Vanessa. Stop giving out false info!

        The only deadbeats who got free doodles were the Hoffmanns — but even that’s not true, really, as Liam sent me as many doodles as I sent him. It was a fair trade.

  3. Yes, that gnome has had one toooooooo many. But he looks like he’s ready to sit down and write a children’s book, don’t you think?

    Regarding the salamander: I do believe their genes are closer to rodents than to cats, aren’t they?

      1. Oh, darn it, there’s a lot of back story to stay current on. I can now see the error of my ways in that feline statement. To restate: A salamander is cool like a caffeine gnome, which is, by the way, incredibly awesome. Thank you for that gift to the world.

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