Doodles 'n' Drawings

And For No Reason Whatsoever…

…I decided to draw a picture of a salamander.


69 thoughts on “And For No Reason Whatsoever…”

  1. He’s darling! You have a real gift that is going to make a lot of kids smile! (and adults, like me, I am smiling, smiling, smiling!!!)

  2. Shirley! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to Whatcom County! I’m sure there will be plenty of folks there who will make sure you arrive at the poetry event with your tail still attached. No strays dogs, cats, rodents, or birds will keep you from your appointed special day at the SpeakEasy16! Thank you Mike! You’re a gentleman and a wowser doodler!

      1. Lizaridish? English is my forte not science (I went for assonance not genus species–we could go Seuss on this: See the skink. It is pink. See the pink skink. It is fast–oh, it’s gone. You must have blinked.)

      1. Mike, I had no idea! I’m almost never ON Facebook (so shocked you are! lol…you need to become a Twitter Boy, too!), but I need to take a peek now…

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