A Holiday Vaycay!

It’s the time for giving, getting, and being various shades of merry!

For some, it is also a time to mess up a Target Portrait Studios photo shoot in order to show off a pair of Christmas socks.

Exhibit A.
Exhibit A.

For me, it is a time to shut down the ol’ blog until the new year.

I’ll be back soon! And don’t worry; I have some big things planned for January:

  1. New resolutions (and a lament about the only resolution I didn’t manage to pull off in 2015)!
  2. A new doodle contest (with a twist)!
  3. And a somber tale about my family’s funniest funeral.

Until then, have a wonderful holiday season!

48 Replies to “A Holiday Vaycay!”

  1. Love the socks – love your funny son. My nephew Chris insisted that all of his groomsmen wear clever socks at his wedding this past August (fun socks are Chris’ m.o. at work and at play). Everyone enjoyed the patterns and colors at the bottom of the tuxedos. Merry Merry to you and yours. Looking forward to your wonderful blog posts in 2016.

    1. Alex embodies the weirdest parts of both Ellen’s and my personalities.

      This allows my wife and I to accusingly point at each other and say “He gets that from YOU!”

      Happy Holidays, my good friend! Enjoy your own vaycay!

  2. He takes after the old man himself…and I ain’t talkin’ about the fat man in the red suit! 😉 Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. I am happy to say he does take after his old man.

      I am less happy to say that the madness of Christmastime often makes me fell like an old man.

      Have a joyous holiday, Karen. Let’s try to get together in 2016.

  3. Mrs. Snelback? Yes, you are a writer, and a very brave one at that. I enjoy your sense of humor very much and looking forward to reading more next year. Thank you!

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