A Kingly Gift

Much to my embarrassment, I have become One of Those Bloggers. By this I mean I have become a blogger who does not post often enough to earn the title of “Blogger.” At best, I am a Posting Poseur.

I do have a good reason for my blog delinquency, however.

I wasn’t allowed to talk about it until an official announcement was made. Last week it was officially announced. So I’m officially talking about it!

Via Publisher’s Weekly:

Matt Hunt

Rhoda Belleza and John Morgan at Macmillan/Imprint have bought, in a four-book deal, world rights to a new chapter book series called Prince Not-So Charming by Mike Allegra, writing as Roy L. Hinuss (l.). The series introduces a reluctant Prince Charming, who’d much rather grow up to be a court jester, not a prince, to every kid who worries it’s hard to live up to the fairy tale. Matt Hunt will illustrate; the first two books, Once Upon a Prank and Her Royal Slyness, will publish in spring 2018. Natalie Lakosil at Bradford Literary represented the author, and Arabella Stein at the Bright Agency represented the illustrator.

This book series (beardless creatives need not apply, apparently) has been keeping me busy for the past several months. The first two books have just gone through copyediting. Books three and four are due by the end of August.

Yes, the deadlines are tighter than I’d like, but, hey, who cares? This series has been one of the most creatively exhilirating experiences of my life and I’m gonna miss it something fierce come September. The editors, John and Rhoda, are fantastic, and my agent, Natalie, is on fire (last year she sold my PB manuscript, Everybody’s Favorite Book, to Macmillan, too).

As for the pseudonym, I suggested a few names before the editors settled on Roy L. Hinuss. Personally, I would’ve gone with Lord Brock Lee Vapors. I also hope to author something someday with my Indian Guides name, Red Squirrel. But I’ll cross that particular drawbridge when I get to it.

In the meantime, I gotta write my butt off. I haven’t even started book four yet and the end of August is a lot closer than it looks.

Thanks for your patience! I’ll blog as often as I possibly can!

105 Replies to “A Kingly Gift”

      1. Actually, I pretty much let it peter out, but a blogger who reviewed it and then asked to interview me helped give it a little spark again. 😬

      1. Four million!? You should have seen it before I cut out the other five million words. I’m not sure volume of words on one post makes up for infrequency of posting.
        Are you still singing that song?

      1. Starts pulling out grade school photos where your hair stands up like Alfalfa’s……..Beams some more.

  1. Wow, Mike. Congratulations! I’ll stop pestering you now about your lack of blog appearances. Your excuse is tops on my list of A-Okay excuses. I’m so excited for you. 😀 And would you believe my grandson is finally getting old enough for your books. That wasn’t the case a couple years ago. We are ready for this series! Well done, my friend.

  2. Wow, I am so excited for you Mike! Such a thrilling new adventure series. Deadline pressure is great — sure gets the creative juices flowing. Can’t wait to read and review your upcoming series! Have a great summer writing and editing! 🙂

  3. I truly cannot think of anyone I know who deserves this great publishing news more than you. I am so PLEASED, and PROUD. I’m proud because I ‘knew you when,’ and look how far you’ve come, heylookawriterfellow. xo

  4. Wow! That is great, Mike! I love the pseudonym, and the story line. You are a clever guy, and I wish you the best of luck with your new books!
    I have had a long, dry spell of not writing, but unfortunately, no good excuses.
    Super happy for you, you deserve it. :-))

  5. WOOT!!!

    No one deserves this more than you, my hardwriting friend. And we all must have done something pretty special to deserve reading four whole books from your excellent imagination!

  6. Woo Hoo…said one poseur to another!
    While you have been madly typing away, I have been accumulating mega frequent flyer miles. As you saw, I was on the west coast last week. 😁😁😁 And this week I’m headed off to Europe, continuing my non-bloggerness posing and not feeling at all remorseful – nor should you, my friend. 😉

    Your new titles are a must to add to my grandson’s collection…from one jester to another, so to speak. It could easily be his biography. ☺️ Consider this an advance order!

      1. I’m thinking a lot of it had to do with having my plans from last year thwarted and now I am determined to respond my rewards. After this trip I think I’ll settle down into a more mundane lifestyle.

      1. Bo Vine? Kowa Bungee? How’s your agent feel about cows? She must have a sense of humor with the illustrious Allegra on her roll call.

  7. Oh – I am such a social media slacker. But I did just launch a radio show! Talking seems easier than posting right now. Major kudos to you – whatever your name is!

      1. Absolutely, Mike, Need to figure out tech so I can interview you and then play it later on my show. Or figure out how to do live via phone interviews, etc. Wish you lived in Maine so you could just come to the studio! Let’s stay in touch. Teresa

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