‘Tis the Season

The flowers are in bloom and there’s more pollen in the air than actual air.

So, with my eyes itching and nose a-trickle, I’ve been hiding out in the house watching The Maltese Falcon.

To commemorate allergy season and my love of classic film noir, I give you my latest doodle:

A Phlegm Fatale!

This doodle grossed out my wife. Sorry, Ellen!

So! How are you holding up allergy-wise? 

51 Replies to “‘Tis the Season”

      1. No doubt Benadryl is on your best friend list as well. Pollen is floating on the lake and swimmers are coming back out slimey. 🤢

  1. Hay fever is run amok in Texas. We have had stuff in bloom since February though! Grass and trees are THE worst down here right now. We take Clariton or Zyrtec everyday to try and keep the symptoms at bay. Then the fall brings the weeds..ugh! Drinking lots of water and keeping non-drowsy antihistamines on board is the only way to get through the season. 😒

      1. I have been to NJ a few times. I really like PA. Spent some time there training for the franchise we owned. I don’t like that evil white stuff though! 😂

      2. My plan is to move to PA once Alex graduates from high school (the schools in our town are second to none.)

        But don’t worry too much about the white stuff. With each passing year our winters get shorter. (Dangit, global warming! Don’t you know how much I hate cutting the lawn?) So do consider a move. We’ll be pals!

      3. We have friends who moved from TX to Redding, PA two falls ago. First winter was nothing.. almost no snow. Then y’all made up for it this season! Weren’t you still getting snow in APRIL?? 🤯 I had flowers and leaves by the end of Feb! I love TX too much to leave 😉

  2. That chick is attacking me every time I step out of my place. It seems I can’t ever run fast enough from her. She must be good at hiding too. Because I never see her coming until it’s too late. I think she is immune against my Benadryl-Shield, I have around me. She must be a super Ninja! When she is done with me, my shield is all slimy and broken! :o)

  3. Thank goodness, I rarely am bothered by any seasonal allergies — except the pines in North Carolina 45 yrs ago — and I don’t live there. I don’t know, maybe Kleenex would be interested in your drawing for their ad campaign! You drew how you are feeling. 🙂

  4. I’ve met the phlegm fatale and she is as gross in real life as your drawing is, Mike. I haven’t been able to decide if I have a cold or allergies unresponsive to my Allegra. I’ve been nursing a sore throat and cough. The only good thing hoarseness that is rather sexy (my assessment – can’t seen to get buy-in from my husband on this). -Molly

  5. She is, well, don’t tell her I said so, but totally freaking GROSS. Fortunately, she does not live with me nor near me. When I moved from the East Coast to the Left Coast, I suddenly had CA oak allergies. But after a couple of years, my body adjusted. No problems. When I moved back to the East Coast a few years ago, suddenly on May 1, whammy – allergies appeared when none had bothered to show before. Pollen pollen pollen, my body shouted. But again, the following year, the adjustment occurred, and now perhaps a bit of red eyes as spring springs, but no phlegm fatale. Thank gawd. I hope you get rid of her soon, my friend.

  6. Phlegm Fatale. Oh no! You poor thing. I am un-allergic, fortunately, since I live in the woods surrounded by cats and dogs. But I feel for you. Hope you’re feeling less phlegmy soon, Mike.

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