Rebloggy Friday Part 4: Choose Your Own Favorite Blog

Hi all!

A few weeks ago, I started Rebloggy Friday to help plug a few entertaining and unique blogs.

But I can’t do this alone!

So ponder something for me, won’t you?

Me pondering. You do this, too!

What blogs do you always look forward to visiting?

Share a favorite (with a link!) in the comments below. And tell me why you love it! Don’t be shy! Let’s share!

Let’s give some blogiverse brilliance the attention it deserves!


21 Replies to “Rebloggy Friday Part 4: Choose Your Own Favorite Blog”

  1. The main one I look forward to is not that reliable. The blogger takes long sojourns, but when it’s on line it’s witty, original, and even has an occasional contest.

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