Rebloggy Friday Part 7: Rough Wighting

There are so many awesome blogs out there… So I thought I’d plug some of my favorites!

I’ve been a huge fan of Pam Wight’s autobiographical stories for years now. (Do try to convince her to write a memoir, won’t you?) But when I saw her ode to the nerd, I just knew I had to feature her on Rebloggy Friday.

I’ve never been described as a nerd (I’m more of a square), but I am most certainly a lover of nerds. This, I think, is best exemplified by my soon-to-be-16-year, hap-hap-happy marriage to Ellen, the most wonderful nerd girl I have ever met or could ever hope to know.

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20 Replies to “Rebloggy Friday Part 7: Rough Wighting”

  1. And I am hap-hap-HAPPY that you read my blog, dear blogging friend/writer/doddle-er. After I posted my “What a Nerd” blog I heard from a LOT of happy spouses/significant others who live with nerds. The only reader who was confused by my post was my dear nerdy guy. He told me he read it, wondering who I was talking about (he thought perhaps it was fiction) until he saw the photo of him and me at the end. Sigh. Gotta love him.

      1. Well, first he denied (saying he was a geek, not a nerd). But after he read all the comments that said nerds are great spouses, he retracted his denial. 🙂

      2. I find it fun how geeks and nerds have such strong opinions about whether they are geeky or nerdy. It really *matters* to them.

        I, for one, can’t exactly articulate why one is a geek and another is a nerd. I can just *tell.* It’s like the Supreme Court’s definition of pornography: I know it when I see it.

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