Paper Trained (2012)

Once upon a time I wrote for a newspaper. I wasn’t there very long, less than two years, but never in my life have I learned so much about writing. If the gig paid more than $18,000 a year, it just might have been my dream job. 

I’ve been giving my tenure as a newspaper man a lot of thought in recent days. So I decided to dig up a few of my old posts on the subject.

The one below is from June 24, 2012 and it’s always been one of my faves. Here’s hoping you agree!


Need a little advice, kids? Well have a seat.

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Rebloggy Friday Part 7: Rough Wighting

There are so many awesome blogs out there… So I thought I’d plug some of my favorites!

I’ve been a huge fan of Pam Wight’s autobiographical stories for years now. (Do try to convince her to write a memoir, won’t you?) But when I saw her ode to the nerd, I just knew I had to feature her on Rebloggy Friday.

I’ve never been described as a nerd (I’m more of a square), but I am most certainly a lover of nerds. This, I think, is best exemplified by my soon-to-be-16-year, hap-hap-happy marriage to Ellen, the most wonderful nerd girl I have ever met or could ever hope to know.

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Rebloggy Friday Part 6: Myths of the Mirror

There are so many awesome blogs out there…  So I thought I’d plug some of my favorites!

In my last Rebloggy Friday, I mentioned fantasy writer extraordinaire D. Wallace Peach, whose blog, Myths of the Mirror, is waaay more popular than mine. (And deservedly so!)

But after reading one of her recent posts, I thought she deserved another shout out.

In “Separating Immigrant Children From Parents” she powerfully articulates why the Trump Administration’s cruel policy toward asylum seekers not only represents an acute moral failing, but also may result in lasting biological and psychological damage to the affected children.

It is a passionate appeal backed by hard science and well worth your time. Please read it. Then share it.

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