Prince Not-So Charming On Sale Today!

The first two books in my Prince Not-So Charming chapter book series, Once Upon a Prank and Her Royal Slyness, go on sale today!

They’re fun!

They’re funny!

They’re filled with funly funnishness!

(I’m really proud of ’em.)

Fun! (Buy it here.)
Also fun! (Buy it here.)

Oh, and they’re cheap!

So please consider picking up some copies. If you do, I’ll buy you a fudgsicle.

30 Replies to “Prince Not-So Charming On Sale Today!”

  1. Just put them in my cart. I’ll change the sheets in the guest room and lay out some towels. I haven’t had a FUDGSICLE aka Fudgesicle in YEARS!!

  2. I should get 2 fudgesicles because I ordered these a long, long time ago. Along with your other book. Soooo I’m thinking maybe a whole box of fudgesicles. The first 2 came yesterday and guess what, Amazon sent me 2 of the same title, so I will have to try returning one and seeing if they an exchange it for the other. *Sigh* Why is life so difficult? Dang, I wish would have waited and then had you sign them also. 😦
    Congrats Mike!

    1. Good News. Amazon has graciously refunded me the purchase price without me having to return the book. How great is that? So I will reorder the 2nd one and I can donate the first to the Library.

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