Win a Doodle! Hooray and Huzzah!

I really like hosting blog contests!

And I really, really like doodling!

And I really, really, really like the fact that some people like my doodles!

So it is time once again for my semi-annual


Who will be the lucky winner? Will it be YOU?


The grand (and only) prize will be a custom made, one-of-a-kind, Mike Allegra doodle of ANYTHING YOU WANT!

“Anything?” you ask.

Yes, anything—provided that “anything” isn’t perverted. I’m a children’s book author, after all, so get your mind out of the gutter!

Otherwise, yes. ANYTHING!

Past contest winners have asked for all kinds of doodles. Like exotic birds…

(Click to enlarge.)

A caffeine gnome…

(Click to enlarge.)

A raven shapeshifter (whatever that is)…

(Click to enlarge.)

A woman doing yoga and holding a pen as the ghost of her dearly departed dog looks on…

(Click to enlarge.)

And (of course) that freaking salamander.

(It’s a long story. But if you must know…)

How to Win

The wining name will be drawn at random from the Hat of Randomness. The draw-er is this guy.

From left: Frosted Flake, flake.

He’s weird but fair.

How to Enter

To get your name in the Hat, all you need to do is leave an Interesting Tidbit about yourself in the comments section below.

I know “interesting” is a subjective term so let me give you some idea of what I’m looking for:

NOT Interesting: “I like ice cream.”
TOO Interesting: “I hunt Armenians for sport.”

Please look for a Tidbit that falls somewhere between those two extremes, okay.

How To Increase Your Chance of Winning

Want me to stuff the ballot box in your favor? Sure! I’ll add two more ballots if you announce this contest on your blog and link back to this page. That’s three chances to win!

Don’t have a blog? No problem. I’ll also give you one extra ballot if you announce this contest on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest page, or any other social media platform. (Be sure to post links in the comments.)

Want yet another chance to win? Dang, you’re greedy. Okay, if you’ve read one of my Prince Not-So Charming books (this one or this one), I’ll give you yet another extra ballot if you write a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Deadlines, Etc.

Your entry is due on or before Monday, September 10. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, September 12!

So that’s it! Leave an Interesting Tidbit below and get going!

Good Luck!


140 thoughts on “Win a Doodle! Hooray and Huzzah!

  1. ‘Tis True: In order to establish residency (to avoid out of state tuition fees )I established a helium balloon bouquet delivery service thinking it would fill in the year quite nicely, and then I would merrily get on with my master’s program. It was dubbed Alligator Balloons, and I delivered the balloons dressed as an alligator on roller skates. *Yeah–this is probably longer than what you wanted, Mike, but it is interesting, you must admit.

  2. The summers between my junior and senior college years, I was a short-order cook (and waitress) for a small-town golf club. My specialty was French toast (not waffles, sorry) and deflecting rear end pinches – this was way before the #metoo movement. Several “pinchers” received their French toast (heavy on the syrup) on their laps! 🙂

  3. I founded a national support organization for individuals with eating disorders in the 1970s, when people were just becoming aware of anorexia and bulimia. I launched the organization through nationally syndicated columnist Helen Bottel, of Kings World. Traveled the country working with individuals, parents, and doctors, appeared on national tv shows, consulted on a movie and held the first national conference on eating disorders in 1984. My organization merged with two other organizations and today is known as the powerful National Eating Disorders Association.

    Published on twitter, FB and will review your new books on my blog at some point this fall.

  4. There are SO many interesting tidbits about me… so uhm… Oh wait! I know! I saw Elvis Presley in concert the year before he died. YEP, I am THAT old! It was amazing and I can remember well the emotional response I had to a very surreal experience! It ranks right up there with skydiving! Which I have also done! 😉 ❤

  5. Darn doodle delights! I dangled my doodle on Facebook and lived to tell. Thanks for reminding me to have fun Mike. When I was young I loved to sketch and doodle. Other tidbits about me; I love to travel, photograph and be in nature. My first formal job was working at McDonald’s and I actually liked it! May all your doodles be dandy! 🙂

  6. Can I triple like this post? Moving on to about me: I once played Bunny the sleeping hooker in a production of the Neil Simon play, CALIFORNIA SUITE. It wasn’t exactly my breakout dramatic role, but it was interesting because I had to listen to every line so I could fling an arm or leg out from under the covers at the correct dramatic moment.

  7. Reblogged this on Dear Writers and commented:
    Dear Writers:

    If there possibly is anyone who knows me who doesn’t know my rather shady past as self-appointed fan club prez (some rude people have brought up the “S” word, but I think that’s totally uncalled for, and part of the proof is that a recent post of his linked to a post of mine, which means we’re sort of friends, so there) of that Writer Fellow Mike Allegra’s doodles . . .

    I kind of lost track of that last sentence. Anyhoo, the esteemed doodler is after a long hiatus hosting another doodle contest with fabulous incentives. Plus you don’t have to do much at all to enter. Go on his blog and talk about yourself. Who doesn’t love doing that? Hit a couple share buttons or write a book review if you are a readerly sort. And in return, you get to be in a drawing to win a super-amazing doodle, which if you want could be a doodle of a pal for a certain salamander I know. Head over to Writer Fellow’s site to get the details!

    XO Laurel Leigh

  8. Hmmm. Something interesting…. I learned how to ski in a dream. Oh, here’s another one – when I was three, I saved my mom’s arm from an old-fashioned wringer/washer while all the adults stood around screaming (I unplugged it). Will reblog and review too!

  9. Hmmm…

    When I was a kid, we raised ducks and geese. After reading the seagull chapters of James and the Giant Peach one too many times, I borrowed some yarn from my Mom and rounded up the duck flock.

    If James could use gulls to achieve flight, then I could do it with ducks!

    And that’s how I ended up tied to the fence along with five unhappy ducks, who flapped and whacked and pinched and made an unholy racket until Dad came out to see what the ruckus was about.

    After extraction and clean up (and a lecture on gravity, the tensile strength of yarn, and the care of livestock), he locked himself in his basement workshop (to spare my feelings) and laughed himself hoarse. Mom didn’t bother to spare my feelings at all, but did have to dash to the bathroom at one point.

    And thus, my curious relationship with (and considerable respect of) ducks was launched. Or, you know. Not.

    After I post this, I’ll share the contest on FaceBook!

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  11. Okay, so you have some really interesting friends, Mikey, and I’m feeling particularly dull and boring right now.
    So, do I go the established route of reciting some of my jobs? Hobbies? Weird dreams? Celebrity encounters? Odd facts that would make you think I’m even more weird than you first thought? Near death experiences? Childhood illnesses? Cue the annoying jeopardy theme that takes all thoughts of anything out of your head…
    Okay, how about this? My humor has gotten me kicked out of a school library, and almost out of a movie theater. Evidently, you can have “too much fun.”
    oh and btw the salamander doodle was great.

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  13. I startled my better-half by hoping on a camel and making believe I was riding away.
    (There’s GOT to be something else – the camel is right “up-there” with liking ice cream, isn’t it?)

  14. Wow. What a lot of interestingness! I posted a link to your blog on my Twitter feed with this comment: “Your chance to win a doodle by world-famous #author Mike Allegra:” and a link. 🙂 Interesting things about me: I once was in charge of creating a complete human-size version of the interior of the Gnome house in the “Gnomes” book by Wil Huygen and illustrated by Rien Poortvliet, complete with live animals. I also fostered more than fifty cats and kittens in my home over a period of three years, and I only kept ONE!

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  16. I’ve read through your comments so far and think you’ve a mighty strange and interesting talent show so far! Good thing you’re doing a random draw and not a favorites pick!
    Something interesting about me is my abnormal toes. Odd genetic mixing granted me a long second AND third toe. I practiced writing with them as a child -you know, for when I was tied up during a spy mission and had to get word out to the other agents looking for me.

  17. I was stranded on an island while rafting the Green River with my family. We were rescued at twilight by an amazing man who overloaded the raft to get us all off the island before dark. He put us ashore where were promptly chased by a moose. Excitement!!!!

  18. When I was a teenager, one of my first jobs was working in a privately run department store made up of two Victorian town houses joined together – on the first floor – by a specially built bridge with a glass roof that groaned and creaked when the wind blew and leaked when it rained. One of my jobs in the ‘women’s fashion department’ was measuring ‘mature’ ladies for corsetry – flesh coloured corsetry – where I discovered the affect years of gravity have on the female anatomy. My boss was a young man with a glass eye and I used to read The Time Machine by HG Wells in my lunch breaks.
    And a reblog, just for you, sir.

  19. Hmm… interesting..?
    Bob and I are currently in Idaho Falls heading to Yellowstone, then to Grand Titons in Wyoming then off to Jackson Hole for a few days… after which we will take a sharp left and turn the car towards Utah, eventually visiting Moab, Canyonlands, Zion, Park City and Mona Utah… eventually to return back to Jersey and back to NJCU. What’s this all for, you ask with a curious lift to your left eyebrow..? We are celebrating our 31st anniversary! We were planning to go last year for our 30th… but life got in the way. 🤠

    Hopefully interesting enough…? 🤔😳😬❤️

  20. My treasure trove of strangeness is overflowing so I will pick a short one. I am living as an alias. I was adopted when I was 16. When I received my new birth certificate my birthdate was incorrect and my name was spelled incorrectly. When I told the “parents” about the discrepancies they firmly stated that I must be mistaken and that the government would never make such errors. Now I have to birthdays to celebrate and all legal documents are signed twice with an AKA: in the name.
    You have officially been tweeted on two accounts and facebook posted on two accounts. Double, double.

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