Win Everybody’s Favorite Book!

Did Kirkus call it “cheerfully chaotic”? Why yes, yes they did.

The holidays are upon us!

You need presents!!!

And you’re so frazzled you can’t stop using exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand.

But please calm down. I have the solution:

You need a personalized copy of the picture book that sweeping the nation, Everybody’s Favorite Book!


It’s a book with everything for everybody—so it is the absolutely, positively perfect holiday gift for any man, woman, child, animal, vegetable, or mineral.

And Now You Can Win a FREE Copy!


I’ll be holding a random drawing for a winner. But you gotta be in it to win it.

How To Enter

To get your name entered in the random drawing, all you need to do is leave a comment below telling me the title of your favorite book.

That’s it! That’s all!

(By the way, the favorite book you mention in the comments will soon be your second favorite book. Because once your read Everybody’s Favorite Book, it will be your new favorite book. Because Everybody’s Favorite Book is everybody’s favorite book. It says it right there in the title. That’s just common sense.)

How To Increase Your Chances of Winning

Want me to stuff the ballot box in your favor? That’s cool.

Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll give you an extra ballot every time you repost this contest online. For example, if you promote this contest on your blog, I’ll give you an extra ballot. If you post it on Facebook, I’ll give you an extra ballot. If you post it Twitter, I’ll give you an extra ballot.  See what I mean?

Soooo if you promote this contest on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumbler, and Reddit, I’ll give you seven extra ballots.

And if you have another idea  to promote the contest, let me know what you have in mind; and I may give you yet another ballot!

Oh, and if you review any of my Prince Not-So Charming books on Amazon or Goodreads, I’ll give you yet another ballot! (Make sure you read the books before reviewing them.)

So, yeah, I’m offering up lots of ways to get you lots of votes.


I’ll be holding the random drawing one week from today:

Tuesday, December 11 December 18!

So what are you waiting for?

Hurry! Enter! And WIN!

56 Replies to “Win Everybody’s Favorite Book!”

  1. I’m in! I’ve tweeted the contest, and already bought a few of your wild and wacky “Favorite” books for my vast amount of grandsons. I could use another, so hope I win! :–) My favorite book of all time? I’ve got to say my own children’s picture book – BIRDS OF PARADISE – but then yours is second place. xo

  2. And I LOVED the Prince not so charming books!! Especially the little notes inside the front cover. You realize my g’kids can’t have those books now….? I don’t know how many ‘beans’ I want to spill here and ruin it for the others who have not yet *GASP!!* read them……

  3. My favorite book is The Velveteen Rabbit. TOTALLY sentimental, and kids aren’t supposed to love that but I fell in love with this book in the second grade. (other than with my mom, I guess this is my longest love affair!)

    1. That one always got me misty.

      Aaaand you’re in the raffle! (If you decide to plug the contest of social media, by the way, let me know so I can add the correct number of ballots to the Hat of Selectivity.

  4. Count me in. If I win it’ll go to our local library … favourite book … hmm … I can only pick one, right? … hmm … OK, I’m doing a re-read of the Hobbit and LotR, so, The Hobbit! 😀

  5. Hey, Mike! So sweet to extend contest; you’re right . . . getting all wrapped up in the holidays and not taking time for the important stuff that feeds the soul. My second-favorite children’s book — and that’s a tough one for an editor to call — would be The Giving Tree.

  6. Ah – those of us who are risk-averse simply planned on buying the book anyway! But since you generously extended the deadline, I’m in! Can donate a second copy to a worthy teacher or librarian of course! My SECOND favorite book is CRICTOR. 🙂

  7. I bought a copy for my kids for Christmas, but my kids have lots of friends, so we’ll enter for a chance to win another one! (It’s a truly wonderful book, by the way). I reposted on Facebook. Hope your response this time is awesome!
    I will have to say my favorite book of all time is A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving.

  8. My favourite book is called “Trinity” written by Leon Uris. Not a kid’s book, I know. I’ve purchased two of your books for Christmas presents so I think this would be the perfect way for me to win one for myself. I know I have no kids but hey it is “Everyone’s” Favourite Book. I shall tweet all about this now.

    1. There ya go! (And I didn’t specify a favorite children’s book, just a favorite book, so you’re in!) But please note that since this is an American book, you’ll need to add the “U” to the “Favorite”.

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