My January Jaunt

I’m going to take a break from the blog this month.

But I have a really good reason! I have been awarded a month-long Creative Access Fellowship to complete my WIP, a middle grade novel with the working title A Trivial Murder.

I’m pretty excited about it.

So! I’ll be spending the month at Ragdale House, located in warm, sunny Lake Forest, Illinois! Current temperature: 15 degrees. (I probably could’ve planned the timing of my visit a little better.)

I picked up this postcard the last time I visited Illinois back in 1995. Dang, I’m old.

Here are the other Ragdale guests who are similarly not so great at timing their residency visits. They seem nice.

Though I’ll be focused on my manuscript, I won’t be completely absent from social media. Later this month, I’ll make an appearance as a guest blogger at Tara Lazar’s Storystorm.

And I’ll pop over to my Facebook page from time to time. Especially if somebody shares a video of cute widdle rodents and/or cute widdle goats. I can’t be slaving over my WIP 24/7, after all.

As for January’s Debatables, the lovely and talented Jilanne Hoffmann has agreed to serve as tribute, a la The Hunger Games. Do you know Jilanne? Because you should. In fact, it would behoove you to subscribe to her wonderful blog.

And that’s it! If my soon-to-be frostbitten fingers don’t fall off, I’ll be typing new blog posts in February.

Wish me luck!


64 Replies to “My January Jaunt”

      1. A responsible writer—this is admirable. The info on the fellowship intrigues me. I look forward to reading your “How I Spent My January” report.

  1. WHAT!? This is just fabulous news. I can’t wait to hear about the experience. Maybe you bought yourself a pair of those types of gloves for cold weather where the fingers are allowed out of the wool? We will miss your blogging charms but you have a great reason to be away for a month.

  2. Ragdale house sounds and looks like the perfect place to bring out your creative genius to the max. It really does look like a storybook large scale writers cottage. You are still a 10 hour drive from Toronto. I don’t think I will be getting my books signed. Enjoy the experience!

  3. So excited that A Trivial Murder is THAT much closer to being on bookshelves! Congrats on the residency Mike. Write on!

  4. Good luck and congrats on the fellowship, Mike. Enjoy the refreshing Illinois weather. Bring gloves and a hat, and long underwear, and a sweather and wool socks. A don’t forget boots. Oh, and a scarf. Maybe a nose warmer and ear muffs. 😀 And last of all – hot cocoa.

  5. Cool retreat! Have a productive month. I got here from StoryStorm and am now a follower.
    I agree about avoiding Illinois this time of year (as I write from Chicago).

  6. WOW! Cool!! and good luck! See ya when you get back!
    Oh.. and btw, all of the books were loved and appreciated!! AND put away for safe keeping until they are old enough to read them on their own. But the parents LOVED them too! Cheers Mike! ❤

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