In Case You’re Wondering…

A couple of people have asked me why I changed my blog avatar to an illustration of a cute, widdle mouse peeking through the grass.

Oh, I have my reasons.

This illustration (by the incomparable artist Elizabeth Zechel) is a detail from a larger illustration.

Click to enlarge. Cuz you should! It’s purty!

And that illustration appears in the soon-to-be-released picture book, Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist!

It’s educational AND funny!

And, yes! You can preorder it here in either hardcover or paperback.

29 Replies to “In Case You’re Wondering…”

    1. It’s true! Rodent eyes twinkle! (And I should know; I’ve cared for a fancy rat, a sewer rat posing as a fancy rat, two four-legged gerbils, one three-legged gerbil, assorted field mice, and the world’s most ornery guinea pig.)

  1. The mouse is adorable! To celebrate your new book (my, but you are busy these days) and how we both love mice, we should do a mouse themed Debatable next month.

  2. Oh so cute — especially enlarged! I read the two great reviews you’ve already received. Congratulations! It looks like an entertaining read that will encourage kids to do research like Scampers.

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